Nii Kwatei Olemla I
Nii Kwatei Olemla I

“More often than not the youth attach fetish to their festivals and chieftaincy and refuse to participate in their activities and this is really affecting the progress of our culture as a people,” Nii Kwatei Olemla I, Ga State Akwashon Gyaasetse, said.

Nii Kwatei Olemla I
Nii Kwatei Olemla I

He said this during a gathering to announce the death of Nii Owula Kpakpa Blofonyo II, Ga State Akwashon Mantse.

Nii Olemla said there was the need for the Ghanaian youth to study and maintain their culture for generations.

He said the youth should know where culture ends and where fetish begins in order not to confuse the two.

The Gyaasetse said it was about time Ga youth get involved in their traditional and cultural practices so that they would not be found wanting when the time arose.

Giving a background to the Akwashon Mantse, Nii Olemla said the title was “Ekuason” an Akan language meaning selected seven leaders of various clans, an old Dynasty of Manye Dodi Akaibi, the mother of the famous Ga King Okaikwei.

He said the Ekuason has been corrupted over years of generations and now it has become Akwashon and the Akwashon Mantse is the Supreme Military Commander and the Chief Justice of the Ga State.

The title was conferred on a personality who exhibited great wisdom in the olden days, Nii Olemla said.

Source: GNA


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