Festival of Films, Africa Screening Set for March 1-4

Clearly, the movie industry will be spiced up in the month of independence as Ghana hosts the Festival of Films, Africa (FOFA) movie screening from Thursday March 1 to Sunday March 4.

The screening exercise is aimed at bringing African film productions together and learning more on how to improve professionalism in the industry.

During the festival, ‘Class A’ African movies either in foreign or local language will be shown and include that from countries like Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt and black movies from the Diaspora.

It is an event for celebrating Africa film every year and this year’s festival is under the theme “FOFA; Celebrating the African Films” which is equally in the direction of creating the platform for African movies.

In all, sixteen films will be screened whereas four will be shown each day at the Silver Bird Cinema and some of the movies include “Mr. &Mrs.”, “Aramotu”, “Billy”, “Maffe Tiga”, “Microphone”, and “Devil’s Kingdom” to mention a few. Other venues include the Accra Polo Grounds, Obra Spot in Circle, 411 Park in Nima, Madina Lorry Park, Rawlings Park, and the Tema Community Centre.

There will also be a two day workshop at the Goethe Institute on Thursday March 1 and Friday 2.

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