A suspect of Somali origin who was arrested while trying to ferry explosives to Nairobi was charged in a Kenyan High Court with eight counts of terrorism and unlawful presence in Kenya.arrested
However, Ahmed Mohammed Abdullahi Aliads Arab, who was arrested in Thika, about 30kms east of Nairobi, denied all the charges.
The court heard that he was in possession of an explosive substance, namely RDX, weighing approximately 614g. He was also charged with committing an act intended to cause grievous harm and being unlawfully in Kenya.
Mohamed was arrested on March 13 in Thika town on his way to Nairobi.
The prosecution alleged that on November 22, 2014 by false pretense, he procured registration as a Kenyan citizen and was issued with a Kenyan identity card at the national registration bureau office in Habaswein within Wajir County.
He appeared before Magistrate Annah Ndungu and pleaded to be released on cash bail, but the application was rejected on grounds that his nationality was in doubt.
The court said the suspect has been charged with being unlawfully in the country and a right to bond is not absolute. He will remain in custody until his hearing date on April 20.? Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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