This morning (16-02-12) I was at the Lagos Federal High Court where my old case with the EFCC came up for mention. You will recall that the charges for this case were first preferred against me in 2008 and since then the matter has gone all the way to the Supreme Court where I am sure that it will eventually be thrown out for lacking any merit or substance. However the original trial judge that has been presiding over the case at the Lagos Federal High Court since 2008 and that had ruled in our favour on a crucial point of law which the EFCC now appealed, Justice Ramat Mohammed , has suddenly been transfered out of Lagos which means that the whole case has to start again with a new trial judge, Justice Binta Nyarku.
Consequently the charges were re-read today before the new judge and they are the same childish and spurious charges that were first read before Justice Ramat Mohammed in 2008 so it is nothing new. We have been fighting these politically-motivated and malicious charges since 2008 and we will continue to do so. Meanwhile we are still at the Supreme Court and the new judge, Justice Binta Nyarko, has kindly adjourned the matter, relaxed my bail conditions and held back the trial pending the time that the Supreme Court makes it’s decison concerning a crucial point of law on the admissability of computer-generated bank statements. This is what we have all been waiting for for the last four years. I have every confidence in the Federal High Court and in our justice system and I have no doubt that this matter will soon be finally disposed with and thrown out and I will be completely vindicated.
Meanwhile I will not be distracted by all this and neither will I lose any sleep over it. I will continue to participate in politics and comment on public affairs and I will move on with my life just as I have been doing for the last 4 years. Where the state is so petty and bitter that they seek to silence all opposition at all costs it does nothing but fuel dissent and cause some of us to fight even harder and make our voices heard on all issues. That is Nigerian politics for you but I assure you that God is in control. Thanks for your concern, your prayers and your messages of solidarity for the last four years. Shalom.


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