Some of the Instruments used for Female Genital Mutilation Some of the Instruments used for Female Genital Mutilation

The song of lamentation has long been sang; the talk of gender equality and protecting the rights and interest of women has long been heard, its now time to walk the talk and ensure that indeed, the reproductive health rights of women and girls are protected.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a gender based violence, which shows clearly the inequalities between men and women. This barbaric taboo is the act of removing or cutting of the clitoris of a young girl, for what reason only God can tell, compromising the health and dignity of its victims

The practice is very common among people in the Northern region, where young girls between the ages of 7-16 often fall prey. Even some older girls go through the pain of the blade and other sharp objects, all in the name of preparing them for their groom.

These young girls are exposed to contracting different kinds of diseases including the horrific HIV/AIDS which is starring everybody in the face; since the instruments and objects used are not sterilized. Some unfortunate ones even die in the process due to excessive bleeding, while the greater majority live with the psychological trauma throughout their life.

This outrageous practice has been a contributing factor to the increasing number of Rural Urban Migration.? Because most of these young girls flee their homes to the big city to struggle for survival just to avoid the pain under the blade and to protect their womanhood.

Female genital mutilation, received various criticisms in the past by various women groups, NGOs, Human Rights Organziations and some concerned individuals. Interestingly, the campaign in recent times seems to have toned down, meanwhile the act is silently prevalence in the communities of practice.

Freedom from FGM is what young girls who find themselves in its related practicing communities are calling for. The time has come when the physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health of young girls are considered and protected against FGM. ?How heavily will be the sigh of these young girls to wake up one day knowing that the trauma of FGM is a thing of the past,? retorted an human rights activist.

The campaign against FGM can be very effective, if young girls can come out of their shells and talk about their experiences ?sharing your story with others is the greatest form of contribution, you as an unfortunate victim can add to make the campaign message complete,? she stated.

Though there is a growing movement across the world against FGM, its achievement cannot be met if the shame and secrecy of FGM is not broken; your testimony could be the voice of a suffering but voiceless victim somewhere.

?I can be your mouth piece against this barbaric practice but what will be my content, if you don?t share your story with me?. This is not a secret to be kept a secret, break the secrecy now!

Family and friends are also advised to feel the pain and trauma of these victims and help them in whatever way possible.

?We must all give our maximum support to these unfortunate victims as transformative leaders and work tirelessly in our advocacy to eliminating the torture of Female Genital Mutilation?.

Source: Ophelia Allotey


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