Certain things keep bordering me and I must say that the only way to allow these things ease out is to share with you. I have heard of cases of most top female celebrities who have broken up with their partners over the issues of domestic chores.
In case you have not heard of the numerous breakups involving celebrities both home and abroad, I have and please don?t push me to start calling names of those you may or may not have heard about. Is there a case of gender stereotyping when it comes to taking care of domestic chores in the home? Why should the woman who also contributes substantially to the finances of the home be burdened with house hold chores?

Just recently, the case of one popular dark skinned Ghanaian actress was in the news over the issue of her assumed breakup. She has come out to debunk the story, but I know that it buttress down to the fact that domestic chores raised the eyebrows. Today she is in Nigeria shooting, tomorrow she is in Ghana shooting, next tomorrow she is doing this and that, she does the domestic chores whenever she is at home and when she isn?t, shouldn?t the husband be up for it? I leave you to judge that.My concern is an observation which I have come across among our celebrities, therefore I have to talk. House hold chores shouldn?t be exclusively the woman?s duty, it is unfair to allocate domestic duties to the woman alone when she as well as the man have deadlines to beat in the office and in my context, on the movie set; she has to beat the terrible traffic too and work as hard if not harder at what she does.

I mean it?s funny when you go to most homes in Ghana and the man just lounge in the sofa whiles the woman ?slaves? away in the kitchen and the man will just flatly not move his bulging muscles. I know excuses will arise from the masculine zone, but most men are insensitive when it comes to the issues of house hold chores.

I am not saying men should take over this duties, but it should rather be a shared responsibility; for some wouldn?t even lift a finger to clean the house even when their wife?s are not feeling well just as the case of the actress I know of.

An instance case was when an older woman warned her own grandson, never to assist his sister in domestic chores; how is this young man going to turn out in future when he gets married and have children of his own? Would anyone blame him when he turns out to be the typical chauvinistic males around who thinks even if they come home on time they should fold their legs on the coffee table, read the evening papers, watch TV and wait for their wives to come home and still do the cooking?

When will women who are supposed to trained young boys to appreciate the fact that, there is absolutely nothing wrong in assisting in home chores and doing it could bring harmony and even strengthened their relationship when they grow older.

Source : ghanaweb


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