H.E. Ghana’s High Commisioner to the U.K.,

President of the National Council of Ghana Unions,
Ghanaian Diplomats,
Religious Leaders,
Leaders of Ghanaian Associations.
Fellow Ghanaians,
Friends of Ghana,
All Protocol Observed,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,


I salute you all this evening. I also bring you warm greetings and courtesies from the Ghanaian Community in France Council (GHACIF) and the Federation of Ghanaian Diaspora in Europe (FEGHADE).

FEGHADE’s voice here today, is to congratulate all founders of the NCGU, National Council of Ghana Unions in the United Kingdom. Our voice here today is to encourage you.


U.K. is one of the most populated zones of Ghana’s diaspora. Your community today stands as a focus and for that matter an example for we other Ghanaians living in the diaspora.

Ghana’s link with Britain is special and so is our community here in the UK.
I take this opportunity to tell H.E. Victor Smith, how much we appreciate his closeness and good relationship with Ghanaians in the U.K.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have good news for you today. Good news that you already know. Yes ! The FEDERATION OF GHANAIAN DIASPORA IN EUROPE (FEGHADE) has been created. It has been created for us all!!

FEGHADE is the major outcome of the Diaspora Engagement Policy meeting organised by Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ICMPD and MiEUx of the European Union in Brussels last October 2014. The leaders of the major Ghanaian Diaspora Associations in Europe who attended the meeting with the support of the European Union migration Experts and Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diaspora Bureau created FEGHADE.

FEGHADE’s vocation is to be the mouthpiece and a development support mechanism for Ghana and a welfare booster of Ghanaian diaspora in Europe. Founded on the best human rights and democratic principles, it is open to all registered national associations of Ghanaians in Europe.

“Let’s Help Build Ghana” is our motto.


FEGHADE is an international organization. We have chosen Brussels in Belgium as its headquarters. But as I said earlier, FEGHADE is for all Ghanaians in Europe. Dear compatriots, we seek your assistance and support to realize its vision, mission and objectives.

I am sure you will do all you can to promote FEGHADE in all quarters that you find yourselves. The excellence of Ghana and its diaspora is our task today and posterity. With our double backgrounds, we Diasporans have become key strategic agents of development – development of Ghana and our host countries. We constitute Ghana’s greatest offshore development asset.


FEGHADE trust the NCGU. We wish you God’s assistance in all your undertakings and we hope to grab the best of this unity of universal diasporan importance.

Long Live Ghana! Long live the NCGU

Long Live the good image of Ghanaians!!

and God Bless you all!!!

(Presented by Hon. Osei Mensah Michael, FEGHADE/GHACIF President.)

Ghana High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Victor Emmanuel Smith’s key action plan was to work through an organised unified body. He was therefore supportive of all efforts made for this ultimate unity. He was present to swear in the newly elected executives.

Source : ghacif


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