The following are the major news items in leading British newspapers on Thursday.
newspapersFinancial Times

— Investors are piling into some of the riskiest bonds sold by U.S. companies as they bet on President Donald Trump delivering on his promises of a stronger economy, lower taxes and less regulation.

Bullish investor sentiment, however, comes as warnings mount over the outlook for the 2.2-trillion-dollar U.S. junk bond market, led by a looming one-trillion-dollar “maturity wall” facing lower rated companies over the next five years, a record level according to rating agency Moody’s.

The Times

— Some of the world’s biggest brands are unwittingly funding Islamic extremists, white supremacists and pornographers by advertising on their websites.

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Advertisements for hundreds of large companies, universities and charities, including Mercedes-Benz, Waitrose and Marie Curie, appear on hate sites and YouTube videos created by supporters of terrorist groups such as Islamic State and Combat 18, a violent pro-Nazi faction.

Big advertising agencies, which typically place commercials on behalf of clients, have been accused of pushing brands into online advertising to boost their own profits. Enditem

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