Important progress has been made in talks on a UN resolution on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and it is expected to be adopted in the coming days, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Tuesday.

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un
North Korea leader Kim Jong-un
Once the resolution is implemented, it will effectively curb DPRK’s nuclear program, Wang said at a joint press conference with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. (US-China-DPRK)

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WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday unveiled a long-stalled closure plan of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, a move which would certainly set off a fierce clash with Republican lawmakers.

Speaking at a press conference in the White House, Obama said for the 91 detainees currently held in Guantanamo Bay, some would be transferred, and his administration would review the threat posed by detainees who were not eligible for transfers and identify those eligible for military trials. (U.S.-Guantanamo)

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LONDON — One person has been killed, three people are missing and four are in hospital after a building collapsed at Didcot Power Station in South England, local media reported on Tuesday.

A major incident was declared at the site in Oxfordshire after initial reports of an explosion at 4 p.m. local time (1600 GMT). (UK-Collapse-Death)

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BUJUMBURA — Three people were killed and 20 others were injured while UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had a two-day visit in Burundi, police said Tuesday in a statement.

“In total, 12 grenades were blasted in various places in the Burundian capital Bujumbura between Monday and Tuesday. The culprits wanted to show the guest that the country is unsafe. During the grenade blasts, two innocent people were killed and a criminal was shot dead before he could blast a grenade,” said Burundian police spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye. (Burundi-Politics)

Source: Xinhua


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