The following are the major news items in leading British newspapers on Thursday.

newspapersFinancial Times

— British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday night comfortably won a historic House of Commons mandate to start Britain’s divorce from the EU amid warnings that the looming exit negotiations could descend into a diplomatic “fist fight”.

May is on course to start the two-year Brexit process starting from next month after MPs voted by 498 to 114 on Wednesday, a government majority of 384, for the bill that gives her the power to invoke the EU treaty’s Article 50 exit clause.

— The Times

Conservative MPs are threatening to rebel over Brexit unless Theresa May guarantees the right of EU citizens to stay in Britain.

MPs approved the first stage of the legislation to begin the Brexit process on Wednesday night by 498 votes to 114, a government majority of 384. Forty-seven Labour MPs defied Jeremy Corbyn to vote against the bill. One Conservative, Ken Clarke, voted against the legislation.

Downing Street has been warned that a series of Tory rebellions are building before votes in the Commons next week on individual aspects of Brexit. Efforts were being made on Wednesday to reassure Conservative MPs that the 3.3 million EU citizens living in Britain would not be sacrificed in negotiations with the EU. Enditem

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