MOGADISHU — At least seven people were killed and several others injured in heavy fighting between Somali National Army and Al-Qaida linked group in Afgoye town in lower Shabelle, 30km south of the capital Mogadishu on Monday night.

Somalia Bitter confrontation between joint forces and Al-Shabaab militants broke out after Al-Shabaab fighters attacked a police station. Al-Shabab claimed victory in the latest battle in Afgoye town, claiming that it captured the town from AU and Somali troops. They later vacated the town later in the night.(Somali-Al-Qaida)

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HELSINKI — At least 19 people have died of swine flu in different parts of Finland this year, reported Finnish daily Iltasanomat on Tuesday.

About three weeks ago, Finnish media reported the first death due to swine flu. Niina Ikonen, senior researcher at the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare, said earlier that the flu epidemic had been already underway throughout Finland. The dominant virus currently seems to be a descendant of A (H1N1) influenza virus pdm09. (Finland-Swine flu-Death)
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DAMASCUS — At least 15 civilians were killed on Tuesday when warplanes with the U.S.-led anti-terror coalition struck areas under the Islamic State (IS) control in Syria’s northeastern province of al-Hasakah, a monitor group reported. (Syria-U.S.-airstrike)
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KHARTOUM — Tribal clashes that erupted in Sudan’s South Darfur State on Sunday have killed 16 people and injured nine more, local authorities said Tuesday.

According to South Darfur State’s security committee, uncontrolled groups attacked Malui and Amoud Aradaiba areas and caused such a large casualty. Violent clashes erupted on Sunday between Falata and Salamt tribes in Al-Nadheef area of Buram locality in South Darfur state. (Darfur-Clashes)
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KIEV — At least three people were killed and eight others wounded in eastern Ukraine in the past day amid escalation of violence, reports from the conflicting parties showed Tuesday.

Fighting has been raging in eastern part of Ukraine since April 2014, claiming the lives of more than 9,000 people. After the warring sides declared a comprehensive ceasefire in the conflict-torn regions in September 2015, the hostilities have significantly eased, with sporadic outbreaks of violence.(Ukraine-Deaths) Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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