The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), has cautioned Consumers not to patronize a relabelled expired product LAVET FEMININE HYGIENE WASH, as the FDA cannot assure its safety or protect them from any potential health hazards it may cause.

According to a press release from the FDA signed by Mrs. Delese A. A. Darko, its Chief Executive Officer, they detected through their market surveillance nationwide, that the labels of large quantities of expired LAVET FEMININE HYGIENE WASH, manufactured by Yamok Industries and Company Ghana Limited, are being defaced and relabelled with the following new information;
Lot No: 1 NLAV 820/370-400
MFG. Date: February 2016
EXP. Date: January 2020.

“Further investigations indicate that, the relabelled products have been clandestinely distributed to the pharmacies, OTCM shops, herbal shops, cosmetic shops etc. Persons in charge of such facilities are to examine their inventory and immediately remove the said products from trade should they have them in stock, and inform the FDA for further action,” the release said.

It further cautioned consumers not to patronize the said relabelled product, as the FDA cannot assure its safety or protect them from any potential health hazards it may cause them.

Meanwhile, it said, “The FDA is working to ensure effective recall of the affected products from the market; and those found to be the perpetuators of this act will be dealt with in accordance with the law.”

The FDA, is however entreating the general public to inform the Authority of any regulated product found on the market which does not comply with the standards through any of the following contacts:
• Hotlines (0299802932 or 0299802933)
• SMS short code (4015)
• WhatsApp (0206973065)
• Facebook (Food and Drugs Authority, GH)
• Twitter (fdaghana)


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