N10.7bn was spent on construction of the houses, and N5bn on the provision of infrastructure

The Federal Capital Territory Administration, on Friday, disclosed that it had spent more than N15.7 billion on three resettlement housing schemes and infrastructure for Gbagyi indigenes in the territory.

The Director, Resettlement and Compensation Department of the FCTA, Francis Okechukwu, said that N10.7 billion was spent on the construction of three resettlement housing schemes in Apo, Wasa and Shere-Galiwyi, while N5 billion was spent on infrastructure.

“The infrastructure includes potable water, access road network, electricity, hospital, and schools. The way and manner the resettlement programme was designed provided for future expansion, for the next generation of Gbagyis,” he said.

He said that N2.6 billion was spent on the Apo housing project, while N6.1 billion and N2 billion were spent on the Shere-Galiwyi and Wasa projects respectively.

According to the director, the Apo resettlement houses were ready, while those in Shere-Galiwyi and Wasa had recorded 70 percent completion.

Okechukwu said that the FCT indigenes along the Airport Road will be relocated to Wasa community, and advised the FCT Gbagyi indigenes to embrace dialogue, patience and understanding to move the nation forward, instead of rejecting the Federal Government?s resettlement programme.

Gimba Gbaiza, the National President of Greater Gbagyi Development Initiative, however advised the Federal Government to revitalise the communities, rather than relocate them from their ancestral lands.

Gbaiza said that government should provide amenities, including free education at all levels, employment, and other basic infrastructure for the people in their present location.

“The on-going demolition is destroying our lifestyle and community and there is no consideration for the indigenes. This will surely have economic and psychological impact on us,” he said.

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