The indigenes and non-indigenes resident in Galadimawa, a suburb of the federal capital territory, Abuja, have threatened to take both the authorities of the federal capital development authority, FCTA and the Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC to court should they fail to tar the main road that runs into and through the village down to Kabusa this year.

The residents who are mostly landlords in the community, said that, the governments of the two administrative organs in Abuja do not seem to think that those of them living outside Garki, Wuse and other areas of the main city are human beings by the way they said the two arms of government threat them.

They disclosed that, during the dry season as it is now, they suffer from enormous dust haze, which they say give them, especially their children a lot of sickness, while, in the rainy season the road is almost impassable with mud flowing into their homes, bringing with it, its own peculiar ailments which makes them like, live from the rock to the hard place.

They alleged that, they had made representations to the government agencies, but from their neglect, it seems that, all their entreaties fell on deaf official ears.

Those of them who spoke with our reporter said that, they are not happy with the way government has been abandoning them in the scheme of things and in its plans.

One of them who simply gave his name as Alhassan, volunteered that, many months ago last year, their electric transformer blew up and for several months they were left to their fate, they did not have light, while armed robbers used the envelop of darkness to wreak havoc in the community.

When they complained, he went on, they were asked to pay for one where each household was required to pay two thousand naira. After that, the electric power authority officials asked them to pay for two poles which had fallen as a result of the sub-standard poles having been soaked by water thereby breaking into two, for which they paid five hundred naira in each household, before electric light was restored to them.

Enakeno Oju

Enakeno is a journalist and television producer


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