unnamed (5)The Rooh- Spirit- which departs from the body at the time of death comprises of Life and Soul. Not only for man but also for all creatures the Spirit is of Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Man has to identify this fact in order to annihilate mischievous activities like sexual partiality, apartheid, racism, nationalism, communal unity, terrorism, bloodshed etc. from time to time Soul of the Book is sent down from the Paradise to the earth for awaking this fact is mentioned through the verse 16: 43-44: 21: 24 and 41:44?Adhikr,?the Splendid Book on which no falsehood shall enter before or after its codification mentioned in the verses 41: 41-42 is the soul of the Book for entire mankind.


If everyone lives with this awareness every evil activity can be wiped out and harmony of human unity can be formed. Remember that Adhikr-?Soul of the Qur?an?is the food, cloth and sight of the human soul.


Read the following verses carefully:


17: 13-14

We have tied every man?s fate around his neck; and We shall produce a book for him on Resurrection Day that he will find as an illuminating spread open book. It will be said to him: ?Read your own book: sufficient is yourself this Day to make out an account of you?


78: 21-30

For those who are living here following Satanic footsteps (Thagooth), Hell will be the dominion. They were not expecting the trial in the Hereafter and were repeatedly rejecting our verses. We have been recording everything in a clear Book. So you taste, We have increased to you nothing expect torments.



On the Day of Judgment Allah will raise them all up again and will show them what they have been doing. Allah has recorded everything, but they have forgotten it all, and Allah is a Witness over everything.


45: 28-29

On the Day, You will see each and every community on their knees. Each and every one is called to their Book and you will be rewarded according to your deed. This is Our book that will show your deeds with truth. And We have been recording whatever you have been doing.

36: 12

Surely We shall revive the dead, We are recording all that they are sending ahead and that their footprints, We have recorded everything in an open ledger.


18: 49

The Book will be produced and you will see the Mujrims apprehensive, they will say: ?Woe to us! What kind of a Book is this? It omits nothing either small or large unless it is accounted for. They will find whatever they have presented there. Even though your Lord will not harm anyone.


45: 30-31

For those who believe and conveying the Massage to the entire mankind, their Lord will enter them in His Mercy. Indeed that is clear a victory. But as to those who disbelieved, Allah will say: ?Were My verses not recited to you? But you showed arrogance and became Mujrim?.


The Mujrims, disbelievers and aimless mentioned in every verse in Qu?an include hypocrites and their blind followers. As per the verse 4: 118 it is already decreed that in each thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine men and their soul mates will be trapped by Satan-the disbeliever. According to the verse 76: 3 man has the freedom either to be grateful or ungrateful. Therefore any man or woman by utilizing Adhikr ? the permission of the Lord to become a believer- may make his soul mate believer and can return to the Paradise; justifying the verses 6: 104, 39: 41 and 76: 29.


Remember that?Adhikr (Soul of the Qur?an)?is the only Ticket to the Paradise as well the Safeguard against the Hell.

?This notice can be translated to other languages and may convey throughout the world irrespective or nation and religion??


The last Saabiq to the Paradise



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