The week-long annual convention ended on Sunday

The week-long Redeemed Christian Church of God’s Annual Convention ended on Sunday, but not without some good business for petty traders and suppliers of essential goods and services.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of worshippers throng the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway camp of the church to observe the programme; and this year was no exception.

However, the huge turn-out of people translated into big business for traders, food vendors, and service providers.

With the camp facilities over-stretched, attendees had to patronise independent providers of good and services at exorbitant prices.

For instance, an attendee, who identified himself as M. Olabayo, said he had to pay N100 to use the bathroom on several occasions when there were long queues at the bathrooms provided by the church.

“Even the food is too expensive. They provide food, but sometimes it doesn’t come on time, and some of us will not be able to wait for it,” he said.

Investigations also showed that a chalet went for N5,000 per day within the camp for those who could not allotted from the ones provided by the church.

It was also gathered that many of the spaces and shops within the camp were allotted to pastors and run by their wives.

A first-time attendee, who identified himself as Kunle, said he was confused to see the exploitative nature of doing business at a Christian event.

“We are all christians, so I expected that people would be considerate,” he said.

In the week-long rush, even the median on the expressway was not spared, as traders pitched their wares in-between the carriageways.

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