“Its all about roll necks this year.” Adrien Sauvage

Shortlist magazine: Was there a standout moment of 2011 for you? 
Adrien Sauvage: Yeah, directed a short film [This Is Not A Suit] that went to Sundance Film Festival. I did a photography essay in Ghana. I hadn’t been there in 11 years. I shot all my family members. Now I’m opening my shop, The House A Sauvage, in 2012.
Shortlist magazine: Is there anyone you haven’t styled that you’d like to?
Adrien Sauvage: My dad. He’s in Ghana at the moment, and since I got my new collection up and running [Dress Easy], I made him a couple of pieces. When I look back on photos of him from the seventies, he was doing what I’m doing now.

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