Faro is a small yet striking municipality located in the southern Portugal. There is so much to enjoy and explore in the small area that it has become an important tourist destination in the country. While enjoying holidays in Faro, you can feel the tranquility of nature, thrill of adventurous activities and intriguing factor of past.

One of the most popular attractions that create an urge in tourists to plan holidays to Faro is Ria Formosa National Park. This is among the most important attractions in Portugal. While visiting the national park, you get an opportunity to explore rich wildlife. Number of animal species has inhabited the park. Wildlife lovers visit the national park to take a look at unique species such as elusive Sultan chicken and various wintering birds. You would come across several endangered species as well.

You can have great time at the secluded islands of Tavira, Armona and Barretta.

If you want to peep into the rich past of Faro, you cannot afford to miss on visiting Capela dos Ossos. It also known as the Chapel of Bones and is among the most bizarre attractions in the city. It was built in 19th century and features 1200 human skulls. Besides its gloomy feel, the chapel is also known for its architectural blend of Renaissance and Gothic styles. This blend lures large number architecture lovers to plan Faro holidays.

Faro is also known for its museums. Most important museum in the city is Faro Archaeological Museum. It is strategically located in Convento de Nossa Senhora da Assuncao. This is another must-visit site for those looking to explore archeological history of Portugal. While walking through the alleys of the museum, you can take a look at ancient artifacts in addition to archeological pieces. Other items that are displayed in the exhibits are Roman Mosaics, artifacts from the moors and spectacular Portuguese art.

Another popular museum in the city is Maritime Museum Almirante Ramalho Ortigão. This is the best place to know about the maritime history of the country. If your kids are interested in joining Navy or in becoming marines, plan cheap holidays to Faro and take them to this museum. It features magnificent collection of centuries old marine artifacts displayed in chronological order. While taking a closer look at the exhibits, you would come across shops, equipment and tools that were an important part of Portuguese fishing culture.

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