The introduction to test, propagate, cultivate and grow genetically modified seed (GM) into the natural organic food system can be likened to a situation whereby as men slept, some bad firms and bad agentscame and sowed wrong seeds with dangerous chemicals among the organically natural seed and departed.The effects of these chemicals can be abnormal genital organs, birth defects, economic dislocation in labor and production.

kick GMO out of Ghana
kick GMO out of Ghana

Food consumption is an essential part of the human race especially for developing economies, therefore a well cultivated, well processed and an evenly distributed food network is important for the survival of any society. With this in mind the subject at stake here is the negative effects on developing economies and even developed economies where economies and lives of people are at stake. Whereas the bad seeds are sown, the developing economiesgradually areslumbering, distracted by unimportant things in the media and other nonsense, now a major cause of economic destruction, increment in disease and disability among the population who for the most part have not recognized that the wheat of former years is disappearing and being replaced by some form of economic enslavement via “GM tares” and their bad agents.Just because one is not aware of the implications of the negative GMO effects doesn’t mean the people in authority should either pass the back for someone else. Let us not be caught up promoting a dangerous agenda that can sell a generational birth right.

The economic benefit of getting rid of large GM agenda is that by allowing local labor to participate in small scale farming the land environmentally is maintained in a natural and a sustainable way at least with good practices that prevents unwanted accidents such as bush fires.


First the agriculture sector was subsidized to monopolistic companies from that came the excuse to feed some starving people,-therefore displace small scale farmers with big GM firms representatives(sometimes this is done by paying politicians, academic departments to skew laws, studies in favor of the company instead of genuine studies for the society or developing economies). As noted in the passage of legislative instruments and executive instruments in Ghana, some laws and contracts have been or about to be signed and passed in parliament to cripple farmers. Verify from this (Ghana Plant Breeders Bill, 2013) . Some of these foods have even found their way into the international food system network with the Pope calling for a rethink of food sources and the seed. Verify from this In solving this anomaly, it is important for developing economies to pass a noncomplex but intelligent law that prevents the testing, propagation, cultivation or growing ofgmofoods and seeds into their food network. To sustain an economy and generate a good rate of return, it is important for developing economies such as Ghana to encourage small scale farmers to form cooperatives and develop a network of natural organic food system to feed the population.

As the guardians of lands in Ghana, the Lands Commission in conjunction with the food and agriculture can advise and put in place measures that prevent questionable firms from testing, propagating and cultivating GM crops in the food system. Another return on investment is when the local labor is used in growing natural crops, money is retain within the developing economy, labor is consistently aware of mechanics of their food network and is not easily deceived in profits and health of the economy.


Introduction of GM seeds and its consumption is a form ofrecolonization of the entire human race and especially for developing economies such as Ghana. This is because history has shown that people used to plant barely with anything but with the introduction of clean technologies we have continued to till the land with natural seeds. It is said that once you plant a new crop on a different planet you have officially colonized it.

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Therefore it goes without saying that these methods of introducing gmo seeds is in itself some form of recolonization and as the first country south of the Sahara to break itself from colonization, Ghana and the rest of Africa and even developed economies whose population is aging must take a stand against this form of recolonization. Just imagine an astronaut on a different planet with no food, does it mean he or she have to wait for a patented fertilizer and seed to be bought at a high cost when in fact all these natural seed can be gotten easily without a hustle. Verify from this. The Martian .


As we are seeing an unstable price of some commodities this is the time to encourage people to go into natural organic farming because with some people being displaced in other sector it will be good to stop GM agenda to focus on helping people to go into agriculture, this is because governments will not be under pressure when vast amount of people are laid off in the service sector or other sector. Food consumption is almost the biggest budgetary support for developed and developing economy if we include subsidies.

Verify from this. We need to totally move away from normality to possibility and arrive at actuality.Withthis in mind if an economy wants to be stable and less dependent on price shocks it must control its food stock. Importantly measure its food stock quarterly to avoid shortages. Infact it is the time for governments to insulateitself from unpleasant surprise.

For instance the national service sector in Ghana can encourage graduates into agriculture and other entrepreneurship ventures. It will gradually reduce the tension in politics, high unemployment rate among the youth. It will rebalance the economy in a more diversifiable way. The more people go into natural organic food production, the environment is reclaimed, and local labor is rebalanced endogenously.


As a developing economy, Ghana will be wrong to deprive people of the livelihood such as touching the soil and planting their own food using natural seeds and fertilizers not a patented seed that can be manipulated against consumers.Since everyone cannot be in the rat race of the corporate world there ought to be avenue creation for people to venture into agriculture particularly farming from the early stage importantly introduce these in second cycle schools and encourage the national service scheme to partner with corporative farming communities and some banks where people can get some knowledge.

Clearly the international financial institutions (having reformed itself to reflect our modern economy linking sustainable goals, entrepreneurship, standing against borrowing to pay loans, and verifiable country data) can get on board green initiatives such as grants for people interested in starting businesses which will provide employment thereby reduce tensions in labor, politics and economies.

Infact the Institute of the Chartered Accountant of Ghana can help educate farmers on accounting techniques in agriculture for instance in some countries these laws shows. Verify from this. . By educating the farmers on the need to form cooperatives, farmers can perform analysis of their farm assets etc.


As developing economies, one of the loopholes is the need to grant large farming plots or hectares of lands to companies. In pursuing this strategy, the legislative bodies should pass intelligent laws that will not grant high concurrence lease agreement to companies with the intensions of testing, propagating, cultivating and growing GMO crops.Usually these African countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa or Cote D’Ivoire can be targeted to serve as some form of distribution hub.

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Luckily for Europe and especially these countries (19 countrieshave opted out of either growing GMO seeds or have gone all out banning it: Austria, Belgium for the Wallonia region, Britain for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia.)European Commission spokesman Enrico Brivio confirmed to Reuters. In the United States for instance,it is “unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to propagate, cultivate, raise, or grow genetically modified organisms in Mendocino. Verify from this. County.”

[14] UPDATE: With Luxembourg, at least 16 EU countries & 4 regions now say NO to #GMO This update now shows 20 countries thus 16+4.


As part of measures to monitor the safety of our food sources, government regulators can encourage shopping malls to stock their food shelves with home grown foods whereby if God forbid food poison or a dangerous chemical is discovered it can be traced to the source.We shouldn’t let intellectualism over rule common sense especially when we know that by supplying people with patented genetic seeds it will be subject to market forces which might be out of the control of the developing economies.

Clearly when developing economies like Ghana, don’t yet have smart, strong institutions with well trained staff to monitor these seeds flooding the food market, there could be dire consequences such as patient doctor overrun in the hospitals due to the consumption of chemically induced food.

The EU since the past years has hit the pause button since they don’t have enough systems to monitor and evaluate the need for GMO food consumption. Thus about 70% of the arable land in the EU is being saved against GMO backed agenda in gmo food consumption and gmo seed plantation which in effect is saving some of the European economies on food budget.We have seen and heard in the news of high number of suicides being committed by Indian farmers as they are being priced out by some multinationals. Verfiy from this. .


When the leader of a developing economy like Ghana fails to take a stand or is silent on any issue especially the testing, propagating, cultivating and growing of GM crops in the country, either he is corrupt or deliberately selling his country’s birthright. Someone once told me, what is wrong with GMO, they are already eating it. Just because someone is consuming this deadly food elsewhere doesn’t make it correct.

Just take a look at the ZIKA virus it is spreading all over the Americas, it started from one country and others are suffering as a result one virus.Current or former leadership in governance, diplomacy and business should not push this agenda to force feed developing economies with GMO food. It is some form of economic and agricultural terrorism.Think about it when people are not busy tilling the land and are fed with chemically dangerous foodstuffs, the rich is not safe neither are the poor because, the foodstuffs will find its way into the food network.

The cost associated with hospital bills, food budget from one source goes up and have economic dislocations. The reality is that when people don’t have a choice in their economy and food consumption there is a general pessimism in consumption across various industries which cast a negative light on the markets. We honestly don’t need negatively contagious acts to affect the markets. We need genuine independent academic studies that promote economic freedom, ideas for job creation not job killers or payment of academic panels or studies to skew studies for companies to set an agenda that is detrimental to the society.


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We don’t need to get to a point whereby the small scale farmer doesn’t have any option but to buy from just one source. The characteristics are first the farmer is not allowed to buy his seed of choice, economically his farm can be go bankrupt due to the attached patented seed or fertilizer.In fact as an aside it will even be better for the exchanges to encourage ETFs or other funds based on companies adding value to society, such as a cooperative farms or even companies encouraging intraprenuership, those doing outreach programs in developing economies.

This strategy will reduce the burden on a perceived market manipulation by traders or investors. By so doing we can actually measure the consumption rate of some economies.In fact having such ETFs or funds will bring some sanity and liquidity in the market.


A very good strategy for any economy will be how well it feeds itslabor because a healthy body will be equal to high productivity which will derivatively result in reduction of import bill for food. Clearly the opportunity cost to import deadly food substance will be saved in the economy; there will be fewer visits to the hospital as a result of birth defects.

Encouraging natural organic farming techniques will help in balancing labor in the economy. For instance in farming on normal weekdays, people in the natural agric sector will observe the Sabbaths, take holidays with family at their own time, most people will pick up new interests such as gardening (labor shifting to other sector), which will further enhance the ecosystem of an area, parks and garden will increase hiring as they are in competition with individual farmers and gardeners. The net benefit for this focus on natural organic farming bar GMO agenda will allow people to spend money on local food produced, tourismsince they can go on vacation anytime they prefer. Peoples food consumption cannot be gambled anyhow anywhere with a stroke of a pen.


Focusing attention on natural organic farming will get rid of intellectual dishonesty and corrupt legislators whereby some academic departments and politicians are heavily funded to pass laws and author articles in favor of some of these GMO backed companies under the guise of feeding the world.

But in actuality these foods contain harmful effects resulting in birth defects and altering the reproductive organs of people. Verify from this. As it suggests they are making people gay.Populations of developing economies like Ghana shouldn’t be intimidated by corrupt leaders in questionable deals who only seek opinions of former heads of state (it is critical they call to order what is bad in our society, they can’t allow one bad John to spoil the other Johns especially with some of the good foundations they laid) when the vast majority of those who voted or didn’t vote for a leader are going to consume these bad foods.This animal farm business must stop.On this subject we all need each other due to the interconnected nature of trade, business and interaction with one another.

It is more important for us to fight on issues affecting society.Look at babies they don’t know the difference between colors, infact they are innocent and we must fight for them to have a better life than us. I found most of these wisdom from the bible when I read, there is more wisdom (for worship, prayer, faith, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, and in math, science, technology and theology) than I could have imagined.

When was the last time it rained on an individual? It rains on all of us, it doesn’t discriminate, so let’s stand against issues that affect the environment for instance these GM tares which can bankrupt us financially, and intellectually.


Source: Learning Always


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