George Okechi, FAO’s Representative in Zambia, said the country has enough food to last up to the next harvest time.

“During the last farming season we had a serious event of El Nino in southern Africa and much of the region suffered, but Zambia, I would say, was not affected as much as other countries,” he told reporters in Lusaka, the Zambian capital.

He said the country has surplus food which could be exported to some countries hit hard by the El Nino.

Zambia produced 2.8 million tonnes of maize during the 2015/2016 season but the government has banned the export of maize to neighboring countries to ensure local food security.

The country has witnessed a rise in the smuggling of maize, the staple crop, to neighboring countries due to a high demand of the commodity.

The FAO representative also said Zambia was ready to implement climate-smart agriculture, an approach intended to support food security under climate change, and the organization was working with the Ministry of Agriculture on the implementation. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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