Mr Senanu F. Asitoakor, the Assembly man for the Mpeam Electoral Area and Council Chairman of the Fanteakwa District Assembly, has petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to provide security for the area.
He said for several years, the people of the area had suffered robberies at the hands of armed persons since 2014 up to 2015, leading to police being stationed in the area to help curb the activities of the robbers.

Mr Asitoakor said as soon as the services of the police were withdrawn in 2016, the robbers had restarted their activities.
“Several and prominent persons have suffered from the incident of being robbed under severe torture of the body and mind, including the chief of the area and myself,” he said.
The Assembly man stated that foreigners who brought employment to the area through farming and trading have been robbed of their goods and monies and that had resulted in them leaving the community.

As a result, Mr Asitoakor said the clinic had been shut down and teachers had also applied for and received permission to leave the town and its environs.
He said the particular area where the unlawful acts took place was at a portion of the road from Obuosu to Dedesu where there was no network to communicate by mobile phone.

“The people who were deployed to repair the bad portion of the road by Mr Abass, the former District Chief Executive (DCE), were attacked and chased by the robbers and anyone who used that route was not spared,” Mr Asitoakor said.
He said living in the town had become a life and death issue for persons of the area and it was a risk to attempt to travel on that stretch of the road.
The Assembly man said the Fulanis who were suspected to be the robbers must leave the area and all their activities brought to a complete end.

He pleaded with the IGP to help restore peace so the people of Dedeso and Mpeam Odotom could go about their daily activities in order to contribute to the economy of Ghana.
“We have faith in the efficiency of the Ghana Police and are prepared to co-operate with them in every way to restore peace to our town and we believe that with their protection we shall obtain the peace we need for hard work to contribute to the food basket of Ghana,” Mr Asitoakor added.