Cooking classes and more on Vietnam holidays 2012

Vietnam holidays 2012 will provide experiences like no other. From visiting historical sights to picturesque beaches, there is so much to do and see for individuals of all ages. Why not enjoy a cooking class in Ho Ch Minh City? Accomplished by a chef and guide you will take a ride to the market to select fresh produce for your lesson. Then why not transfer to the Cookery Centre where you will be located in an authentic Vietnamese garden where you’ll be given an insight into the origin and culture of the country’s cuisine. You’ll learn to cook Vietnamese specialities using a variety of herbs and sauces and will also manage to master the use of chopsticks as well as learning the nation’s favourite dining etiquette.

After the lesson you will be able to devour your creation. Just one of the many things you can experience on Vietnam holidays 2012.

Historical sites

Explore an amazing complex of tunnels at Cu Chi Tunnels from Ho Chi Minh City. The fascinating tunnels and passageways have formed an underground city of sleeping quarters, kitchens and command centres during the Vietnam War. Vietnam holidays 2012 will provide the experience to visit these tunnels. Search for the lost hidden trap door and crawl along passageways. For a waterway adventure make sure to sail along the waters of Halong Bay. This magical areas of natural beauty is locally known as ‘dragon descending to the sea’. You will be able to marvel at the limestone islets that riddle the emerald waters, many containing grottoes such as Thein Cung and Dau Go.

Vietnam holidays 2012 will provide experiences like no other.

One of a kind opportunities on Vietnam holidays

Vietnam holidays 2012 will also provide opportunities to visit places like Nha Trang City. Here you can experience the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. You can also take a morning boat cruise to offshore islands in Nha Trang Bay and enjoy lunch on board or at one of the many islands nearby. In the afternoon make sure to visit Long Son Pagoda and Po Nagar Cham Towers which is a sacred Hindu site dating back to the 2nd Century AD. The town was built between the 7th and 12th Centuries and is still used as a place of pilgrimage today. Also make sure to browse the fascinating Dam market before heading back to pick up unique trinkets and gifts to take home for all the family on Vietnam holidays 2012.

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