janet bandu
janet bandu

In a situation like this, information is required from close relatives and friends of the missing individuals to help police and the general public search for the victims.

Lot of people have had something to say in connection with this Castro and Janet drowning issue ? from friends, families, eyewitnesses, spiritualists, and a whole lot. Another person to join the train is Lordina, a cousin to Janet Bandu (the lady supposedly believed to have drowned with Castro De Destroyer)

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Flex on Pluzz 89.9 FM this morning, Lordina (who was very tactful in her communication), revealed that they (family) did not know their sister Janet was at Ada.

According to Lordina, Janet told her mom on Saturday (5th July, 2014) that she was going somewhere with her friends. The names of the friends, according to Lordina, were not provided by Janet.

?This is something she normally does. You know she is an actor (sic) and normally people take them out to go and shoot movies or advert so it?s one of those things. She goes and comes back home. She told the mom that she was going on one of those trips with her friends. She did not mention who those friends are, and she left.?

?On Saturday around 4pm, the mom called her and asked her why they have not come back and she said they will be back on Sunday. These were her words on Saturday around 4pm to her mother?, Lordina added.

?When she told her mom she would be coming back, did she really confirm she was Ada?? ? Sammy Flex asked.

This was Lordina?s answer to him; ?She did not. None of us knew she was in Ada.? According to her, we the public should not believe pronouncements by others that Janet just wanted to join Castro on a Jet Ski. As she made it known, if Castro did not know her (Janet), he wouldn?t have taken her on the Jet Ski.

?People should spare us all these things. The family is grieving and people are out there casting insinuations. Others are saying she is a goddess, others are saying she is that. It?s very painful hearing things like that. This Morning we are preparing. On our way in search of our sister?

In conclusion, Lordina made it known that the family cannot comment on whether they suspect a foul play or not.

Listen to the interview below?


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