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Bastiat Ghana, an economic research think tank, says a nation’s economic growth and development depended on the unit family performance and contribution.

It says every sustainable economy is measured by the quality of skills intertwined with talent of the majority, which government must fine-tune at a macro-scale into a common goal as unit energy for national development.

“Our role and focus as an institute, over the few years of existence in Ghana was to sharpen and empower skills that fall within our object clause and the specialty of it research expert, to attract candidate that have passion to pursue such career of life, to acquire quality skills that will enhance their lives as individuals and the nation as a whole in a purpose of it development,” Bastiat Ghana said in a statement.

It said over this few years, the Bastiat Ghana has realized that whenever a non-governmental institution seeks to assist the average citizen in the agenda of national growth, it is construed as a haven for free funds disbursement with no realistic impact factor to measure.

“In our instance, we had every project to be critically assessed and evaluated of its impact factor and correlated funding, and if it does not meet the expected threshold of quality performance, it was cancelled and avoid further funding,” it said.

In all these few years, we have argued and advocated for economic independence in developing economy at the micro-level which is intrinsically intertwined with individual easy accessibility to funds and quality expenditure pattern to usher such people to a life of self-actualization and happiness for the purpose of national development.

In this direction, Bastiat Ghana seeks potential candidates to take-up its International Professional Finance & Investment Banking programme, which entails the skills of learning securities trading and market analytics.

Candidates would be holistically prepared in electronic trading in forex, commodity, shares and bond market transactions while candidates who fall outside the admission requirement would be assisted to fall in track as the programme required.

It said the quality of the programme is assured as it is run with both local and international faculty expert in Investment Banking with long years of experience in Investment and portfolio management practice.

The course is not free but subsidized with sponsorship funds.

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