The biggest outdoor event in West Africa started rather slow with the downpour that kept revelers indoors and organizers in doubts but patrons defied it, pouring in, in groups, batches singing their famous jama songs and wearing some of the most incredibly funny costumes.

?Despite the almost all-day rain in the capital, as if designed by some devil to scuttle this year?s Joy FM Annual School Reunion, thousands thronged the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre Saturday for arguably the most memorable event on the country?s entertainment calendar.

Guru, the Lapaz Toyota singer charmed the animated crowd with his greatest tracks with the patrons swinging their hands from left to the right in unison.

The fans hipped, hopped and rapped to his ?Democracy? song, a performance worth commending. Before the performances though, old students treated the crowd to a sumptuous rendition of jama songs which evoked memories of the good old days in the Senior High.

No doubt, the SPARTANS were the jama heroes with their coordinated, well rehearsed, well composed and incredible delivery of the jama songs which kept patrons admiring, dancing clapping and singing along.

The reunion could not have been successful without the sporting activities. It began early, in the showers, but the old students had little worries. They competed in the five aside football, 50 meter dash and table tennis and it was highly competitive.

Team Multimedia got off to a stupendous start beating SPARTANS 2-0 in the opening match of the five aside football game but their luck run out and they were beaten on penalties by Osu Presec before they could get to the semis.?Prempeh Senior High dominated the 50 meter dash picking the first and third positions.

All through the sporting activities, Spartans kept the improvised sports stadium alive with some of the most lively jama songs.

If the numbers were low at the initial stages of the event, it was because Katanga and Unity Hall, two of the greatest halls in the Ashanti Region had come all the way from Kumasi in buses but were touring the City before making a triumphant entry into the Trade Fair Centre.

They both did, pretty late and could not make a stage appearance for the famous jama competition but their presence was so loud, their dressing was so pronounced it was difficult not to notice them.

Individual students also treated the crowd to the Azonto tonic, a competition, by all account was won by the chap from Adisco.

It is half past 9pm and there is no sign of letting; revellers are on their feet, savoring every bit of the entertainment, as if to compensate for the loss occasioned by rain.

some of the memorable things that the old school reunion always leave on the minds of many are, the way some of the old students dresses, how they compose themselves at the trade fair, and how some acquire wealth barely three years after school.



Some of the ladies have dressed in their schools ceremonial attire to be identified with, whiles some decide to actually embarrass their former schools by dressing almost naked showing boobs, ties, chest widely opened and I think this character does not signifies a good moral upbringing at all.



The way and manner some of the old folks over speed and drive carelessly to demonstrate how fast they can drive or to show their driving skills, need much to be desired.

23 cars had a crush with one fatal where we gathered that one new Hyundai accent 2012 model was seriously damaged.



The joint police military patrol team did a good job to check on the patrons, whiles no serious fight and assault was recorded. A sectional cross checked by the moment news paper from the La police station indicates that no casualty from the trade fair has been reported as from yesterday till this morning.


Source: ?Gogo Gorden Amoah


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