Failing of your disk drive without the back up of the data is panic situation. In this position the data cannot be easily accessed or read. Taking into the consideration the nature of the problem there could be disk recovery techniques ranging from hardware based recovery to software based recovery.

What to do now? How to React? First and foremost thing to do is to check whether it is a disk failure or malfunctioning of some hardware device that caused the system boot failure.  The next step is to connect the disk drive of your sick system using a universal USB cable to another computer system.This cable enables you to connect any 2.5″, 3.5″, or 5.25″ drive to Mac or PC. It easily transfers files and access data from internal and external drives. It supports upto to 5GB/s transfer rates. It is the easiest way to connect the optical drive or hard disk. This is the convenient way to determine the fault.  If a successful connection is established , then there is a glitch of hardware else your hard disk has failed. The disk failure can be categorized into 2 types , i.e. predictable and unpredictable failures.  The predictable failures can easily dealt , by taking the backup of the data, so that there is no loss of information and data. The unpredictable failures are dangerous. It is estimated that over 90% of all new information produced in the world is being stored on magnetic media, most of it on hard disk drive, losing this data is a no-no situation.

No-one wants to lose the data on their disks, to rescue there are disk recovery softwares. The advance disk recovery software aids convenience and helps you recover data that is lost not only from hard drives but from external disks and storage media such as USB drives, corrupted CDs and DVDs etc.These recovery softwares are dependent on operating systems and the hardware.

These are designed to retrieve the lost data from the storage media. They can handle on logical damage caused to the disk drive, be it corruption, unintentional deletion, accidental formatting, power fluctuations, or any other. These help to confirm the state of your HDD and puts your worries at rest. They have strong capability of performing strong diagnosis, analyzing , optimizing and protecting your drive from failure.

For selection of best disk recovery softwares from large list of available, some points should be kept in mind . It ought to support multiple file systems and have strong ability to restore data from lost partition tables. It should allow the user to perform extensive search  operations using filename, file extensions,date of creation or modification. The most important feature is its effectiveness or the extent in recovering complete or maximum amounts of data lost. It should have a user-friendly approach.

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