The?defeated New Patriotic Party?(NPP) parliamentary candidate for the Upper Manya Krobo-Asesewa Constituency in the Eastern Region, Mr.?Moses?Tetteh-Barimah was chased out by aggrieved youth of the area for allegedly attempting to have sexual intercourse with the wife of Mr. Edward Dongoyo, a Somanya man based in the United Kingdom.

New PictureLuck was on his side when he escaped lynching by the skin of the teeth and sped off in his car.

It would be recalled that?last year THE MOMENT reported the incidents which Mr. Tetteh Barimah had in the early hours of 18th?October 2011, where he jumped over the security fence wall of Mrs. ?Bernice Dongoyoe?s residence in a Rambo style, and seized her mobile phones, ostensibly to register his displeasure that the lady he used to date some years back, is now married to another man.

According to sources within the Krobo-Asesewa area, the youth took the action on the grounds that they found it extremely difficult to comprehend why promiscuous Mr. Tetteh Berimah would continue harass Mr. Edward Dongoyoe and his wife Madam Bernice, who now live at Odumase.?

THE MOMENT was reliably informed that due to recent sensitive posture of the harassment by Mr. Mosses Tetteh-Barimah on Mr. Dongoyoe?s wife, Bernice Dongoyoe has sought refuge in the ?another community? for the fear of ?her life.

Narrating the incident to THE MOMENT in an interview at his base in London last Friday January 11, 2013, to throw more light on the blatant denial by Mosses Tetteh-Barimah that he had threatened his life, Mr. Dongoyoe stated, ?It is exactly a year ago, today, the 10th of January 2012 when the sad attack happened here in the UK,? emphasizing that, ?Why didn?t he, Barimah organize a Press Conference to rubbish my claims immediately the story started emerging prior to the Elections. Ask that evil NPP man where he was in January of last year 2012.?

Mr. Dongoyoe called the bluff of the two separate stories carried by the Daily Searchlight of January 7, 2013 and January 10, 2013 to defend Mr. Mosses Tetteh-Barimah of the attack on Mr. Dongoyoe and his wife.

He therefore described as blatant the lies carried by the Daily Searchlight captioned ENQUIRER STORY BOGUS-NPP MAN AND HAIRDRESSER FINGERED OVER ATTACK ON MP, which was circled around the promiscuous NPP?s Moses Tetteh-Barimah.

He noted that it has been observed with much dismay that the loudmouth Failed Parliamentary candidate, Moses Tetteh Barimah has refused to reflect on his womanizing syndrome but rather resorted to bluff around while still denying that he had threaten the life of Mr Edward Dongoyoe a Ghanaian domiciled in the UK last year over his wife.

On the issue of the NPP man?s denial that he had left a life threatening voice recording on his (Mr Dongoyoe) home telephone, Mr Dongoyoe pursed and said ?I?m very shocked that somebody who was vying to be MP but failed, could be telling such a blatant lie. God will deal with him one day.?

He asked, ?Does he think that the people of the catchment areas, namely Somanya, Odumase, Agormanya, Kpong Oterkpolu, Akosombo, Asesewa and all the surrounding areas who heard his voice being played on the FM Radio have no ears, have deaf related sicknesses and therefore could not have identified his voice? Hasn?t he been to the same Rite FM premises to send his cheap political campaign messages around??

?The good people of the Upper Manya krobo (Asesewa) and the catchment areas are very discerning people and were never surprised to have him sighted in a sex scandal because he has always suffered from a Womanising syndrome. Could the voice on the tape be that of his Grandmother?? Mr Dongoyoe probed.

Touching further on the irresponsible voice recording of the NPP man, Mr Dongoyoe asserted that the actual recording length of the tape is 30 minutes 47 seconds long and that he had only given out 8 minutes to the Media prior to the 2012 general elections and for that matter, he still has in his possession more than 22 minutes of the tape which in the future will also be released to the media should the NPP elect Moses Tetteh Berimah to represent the Party again for the 2016 general elections.

He continued?.?in the morning of 7th January 2013 when the new honourable Parliamentarians had just been sworn into office and the Presidents inauguration was underway, this ugly Moses was outside in the street somewhere shouting at the top of his voice telling me to go on the Internet and that he had published a story. He subsequently texted me the Headline for the story as it appears on the Internet. The encounter with Moses that early morning has also given me a new tape recording that I have added to my archives of his voice recordings for the future.?

Mr. Dongoyoe again stressed that ?at some point he, Moses has blatantly denied the story but admitted same on another platform.

?Couldn?t he have gone to court to clear his name if the story about him was false and fabricated to tarnish his image as he wanted the whole world to believe,??he asked.

The Moment?s investigation on the alleged attack on Mr. Dongoyoe by this failed NPP man further revelled that the UK Metropolitan Police indeed was in the process of apprehending him after the attacks on Mr Dongoyoe in January 2012.

The Moment further established that Mr Dongoyoe has informed the Ghana Embassy in the UK upon the advice of the UK Police. They have also provided Mr. Dongoyoe with letters to get Ghana Police to affect the arrest of the NPP man for the crime of life threatening anytime he (Dongoyoe) was in Ghana.

He was also urged by the Police to report to them as soon as he gets sights or information of Moses in the UK.

Commenting on the Daily Searchlight?s publication of 10th January 2013 that his Wife Bernice was divorced from her previous marriage as a result of an extra marital affairs, Mr Dongoyoe denied that assertion by the paper and said if that was the case why was Moses Tetteh always crying over her refusal to continue to have anything to do with him and soon afterwards had resorted to jumping over her fence wall to beg her on the 18th of October 2011.

Continuing, Mr. Dongoyoe in a very exciting mood retorted, ?This is a frustrated, depressed village guy who had lost small loaned monies as a result of his humiliating electoral defeat at the 2012 general elections. Instead of him to reserve his energy and start thinking of how to get a Job and start paying his debtors after that shameful defeat, he has rather resorted to fighting everyone to restore his already damaged reputation.?

Mr. Dongoyoe however expressed surprise at the Daily Searchlight describing Moses Tetteh Barimah in its publication as an MP because he is not and can never be as far as Ghana politics is concerned.

?I will very soon release a dossier on this promiscuous, villager and failed Parliamentary candidate who had falsely claimed to be an ex Military Man,? he said.

?Stay tuned more will soon emerge??!!


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