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Are Parents Sherking Their Responsibilities?

By Newman Dotse?

An assassination attempt on the life of an informant who, according to flawless information available to this writer, has been assisting the police to smoke out thugs failed in Kumasi.

The leader of the assassination plot was allegedly identified by police, including the informant at the center of the whole skirmish as Corporal Cephas Bayor, who works at the Kumasi Police regional headquarters but lives at the Asokwa Barracks.

The informant (name withheld for security reasons) was contracted by some officers of the police in Kumasi to assist them in his usual ways to get rid of thugs in Kumasi, something he has been doing for so many years.

The gentleman, according to information gathered, agreed to the request of the police and indeed assisted them in so many ways to smoke out so many notorious gangs from their hideouts.

His involvement in getting some thugs arrested did not go down well with some police officers that are allegedly connected to such hardened criminals as they begin to tag him as their worst enemy, instead of commending his spirit of volunteerism.

Things however turned sour when he confided in Mr. Andani Nyamekye, Commander of Asokwa, that he had caught wind of another group of armed robbers that he would like to assist the police to arrest. Unfortunately, Corporal Bayor had gotten wind of his plan and begun to map up strategies to eliminate him because the said robbers are allegedly his close associates.

The informant in his usual modus operandi, knowing who the suspects were, told them (the suspects) that he had a wealthy friend that they could rob and make fabulous money.

The suspects were very much enthused about the news as they set a date for the informant to take them to the place. The informant then alerted Commander Andani Nyamekye to get his men ready as they prepare to embark on the feigned robbery binge.

To the surprise of the informant, the suspects called their alleged partner, Corporal Cephas Bayor to make ammunitions available to them for the operation.

Strangely, Corporal Cephas Bayor realized the involvement of the informant and had allegedly decided to frame him up with the said ammunitions so he could order his colleagues to kill him and tag him as an armed robber so they can conceal their evil deeds.

On the set day, Cephas Bayor did provide three weapons and five live bullets to the four alleged robbers.

They then hired the services of taxicab for the operation. Information gathered by this writer indicates that on their way to the robbery venue, the four suspects left the informant in the taxi with an excuse that they were going to get two extra weapons they hid in the nearby bush, leaving the weapons with the taxi driver and the informant.

According to an eye witness (name withheld for security reasons), at Ahomdwo round about, behind the Forestry Commission, a police patrol team arrived at the scene five minutes later, pointing gun at the informant and the taxicab driver but the informant was quick to tell them that the four people onboard the taxi have gotten out and fled into the bush before he hire the taxi.

The witness said the taxi and the informant quickly left the scene as the patrol team later began to chase the taxi.

Luck however smiled at them as Commander Andani Nyamekye and his men also arrived at the scene and effected the arrest of the four suspects who confessed to have gotten the weapons from Corporal Cephas Bayor.

The informant, according to sources close to the police, has handed over the weapons to Commander Andani and it was later detected that the said weapons were not police weapons.

The Police, according to information gathered, detected assassination attempt in the matter but could not do anything about it as the four suspected thugs arrested were later released.

The dramatic sting operation thwarted the attack before it had a chance to succeed but onlookers were not happy seeing Corporal Cephas Bayor and his suspected thug friends walking free men in the streets of Kumasi.

This plot underscores the necessity of remaining vigilant, especially informants of the police in this country.

Although thwarting the plot was a clear victory, it did little to appease the informant because as things stand now, he is a walking dead man.

Now, with a target on his back, he has desperately turned to the police for help, but the police have hung him out to dry.

He has helped the police throughout his entire life. He has given them all kinds of information but now they have kicked him to the side of the curb as the thugs continue to threaten his life.

“Listen, I know where you live. I know where your family is,” one caller warned him on phone.? ?So you have to get the hell out of Kumasi or you are going to get messed up.”

Another caller is equally sinister: “I heard you were a big snitch. Get out of Kumasi.?

Watch out for part two of this story.


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