FAGRO Exhibition Director, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa
FAGRO Exhibition Director, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa

The National Food and Agricultural Show (FAGRO) have sent best wishes to farmers for working to make agriculture more profitable and rewarding for the country.

In a statement, FAGRO Exhibition Director, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa said it is truly inspiring to see the passion and talent that drives the collective effort of farmers in the face of enormous challenges in the sector.

The overwhelming support from Ghanaian farmers, our sponsors and partners in the past years have only strengthened our resolve to stay on course as Ghana?s only agriculture forum pressing towards the ultimate goal of ensuring food sufficiency in the country.

?FAGRO fully appreciates the special role of farmers played in making the 2012 election peaceful. It is in this regard that FAGRO hopes government will continue to commit to agriculture modernization to enhance food security and reduce income variability for farmers and fishermen in the country.?

She added that FAGRO will continue to use its platform as a rallying point for government and the private sector to strengthen farmers? abilities as a means of supporting them to become more competitive, cost effective in their operations and have stronger bargaining power in the market place.


?FAGRO is committed to providing a platform for Integrating Ghana?s farms into value chains thereby providing new sources for agricultural products that will enable smallholders to purchase better inputs and raise investment levels and inclusive agribusiness practices to create business growth opportunities.?

She said FAGRO 2013 will see an improvement of previous year?s events with greater emphasis on poverty reduction and food security and prioritizing agricultural development, with some focus on the poor farmers to yield significant, interconnected benefits, particularly in achieving food security and reducing hunger; increasing incomes and reducing poverty; advancing the human development agenda in health and education; and reversing environmental damage.

?As usual, FAGRO 2013 will seek a greater partnership with the international community to deepen international relations and cooperation between Ghana and the global community especially in the area of agricultural development.?

?FAGRO wishes the Ghanaian farming community well in 2013 and looks forward to working closely with our sponsors, partners and the global community with a renewed commitment to undertaking the hard work required to ultimately succeed in making agriculture in the country more productive, thereby contribute to increasing growth in the economy, improved food security and reduced poverty.? She added


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