Fad Apparel
Fad Apparel

Fad Apparel is a clothing company, established in Accra, Ghana and has quickly developed, selling to countries worldwide through their online store. Fad Apparel began by selling custom-made T-shirts locally in the streets of Accra, with unique designs but no real brand. Through the help of local businesses, they produced and sold regionally for a year, until their fan base increased drastically, and with more popularity as people spread the word, the local T-shirts became more than simply a hobby, but a brand.

Chris Crubaugh, CEO of Fad Apparel mentions, “Strangely enough, Fad Apparel was never intended to be a business or an international clothing brand, but originally started as a fun activity. Then, we realized the potential this brand has and the amount of lives we can change from this.” Chris is currently studying business at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and thus he understands the economic and socio-cultural potential for a worldwide brand with its headquarters in Ghana.

Jeffrey Kwarteng, the current manager at Fad Apparel stated, “At the start, people were asking where they can buy our shirts, and there was no real brand or store at the time so we were losing potential customers.” This served as an incentive for the owner, management, and staff to take advantage of their growing popularity and make an impact statement.

The regional origins of Accra, provided a commercial gateway to the Fad company, with many investor and corporate resources to initiate this business. CEO Chris said, “I was blessed to be living in Ghana at this time because Ghana has a very diverse population and attracts people from all over the globe. This benefitted our clothing brand because we focus our designs on having an international culture with designs and products that anyone will like no matter what their cultural background, religion or ethnicity is.”

Initially, Fad Apparel started out only selling T-shirts and has since expanded their inventory and product line to selling hoodies, pants, sunglasses, baseball caps, and other streetwear. Since the opening of their international online store in October 2017, Fad apparel has grown at an exponential speed. Within their week of opening, they were ranked top 3% of all Shopify businesses worldwide, they have a growing international fan base through social media and word of mouth, and they have unique clothing designs with a revolutionary patented product.

In terms of what comes next, Chris says “looking ahead, we see a bright future for not only our company but for Ghana. I studied international business for a while now, and I noticed this massive potential in Africa – not only for its rich minerals and resources but for their enormous economic growth and that of the textile industry, also.

At Fad Apparel, the motive is to build a worldwide fashion brand and to represent Ghana in doing so. As such, they also hope to give back to the community by doing donations, charitable events, local investments in Ghana, and overall exposure by exposing the potential that is held in Africa. These actions, movements, and growths would also be able to attract more investors to the region in hopes of providing an opportunity for businesses to grow and in order to support entrepreneurship in the country.

Chris says, “It doesn’t stop there. Fad Apparel is under a conglomerate, Fad Group LLC, which has business in investing, social media/affiliate marketing, entertainment, and app development. We hope to grow Ghana’s economy by continuing to thrive and support others within the community to follow their dreams and help them start their own businesses as well.”

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By Janelle Crubaugh


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