A home is everyone?s priority. We need it to survive, for protection from the elements and even to satisfy our egos. According to the last Census recorded in 2010, about 47 percent of Ghana?s population are homeowners.

The majority of the population are left to seek other means of finding shelter due to affordability challenges. Renting, for the most part, is the best alternative for such house-hunters. In reaction to this phenomenon, the Rent Control Department was created to ensure a favorable rent environment. Leading real estate portal Lamudi Ghana highlights five facts about renting that active and potential tenants should know.


Six months maximum rent charged in advance

Tenants should be made aware that Ghana?s current legislation. The Rent Act of 1963 demands that landlords charge a maximum six months rent in advance. Unfortunately due to demand outstripping supply, landlords charge in excess, sometimes demanding up to three years rent advance.

2. The law applies only to landlords and tenants

This has been a controversial issue for many years. Does a house-hunter benefit from the protection of the Rent Act or only when he or she is a tenant? The answer is the latter. According to a Senior Rent Officer at the Rent Control Department, Mr Philip Skido Deh, a house-hunter can only negotiate on the terms of a landlord. However, upon becoming a tenant, the landlord is to charge not more than six months rent in advance when the initial period expires. A tenant is fully protected by the law in this case and should take the matter up with the Rent Control Board, which will ensure that the proper thing is done.

3. ?Rent advance law amendment proposal made

Ghana?s Rent Act has been in existence for over 50 years now. The last time it was amended was in 1986. This situation has attracted the need for a review of the law to reflect modern standards. According to Mr Deh, a proposal has been made to the government to have the current rent advance changed to one year to keep in track with modern practice of landlords.

4. ???Rent can only be increased after three years

Another important aspect of the law that both tenants and landlords should know, rental increments can only be made after three years of the initial rent charge. A tenant is protected by the law to seek redress if a landlord arbitrarily increases the rent. Again, due to high demand some landlords take advantage and increase rent charges as it suits them.

5. ??Rent increments need Rent Control Department approval

Even when a landlord?s desire is to increase his or her rent charge, it has to be done with the full knowledge of the Rent Control Department. The landlord is not permitted to increase rent without the approval of the Department. Anything else means going contrary to the law.


  1. I rented a house for seven years three months at nsawam and stay in the house for six years now.I have traveled outside Ghana and the landlord is insisting that I should exit the house and come for my balance whilst my term of contract has not ended what do i do

  2. i was about to rent a house but the landlady told me that,it has left light and toilet there..So if i need the house i should come and pay my advance so that she add money to it to complete the house for me since last year October 2018 till now 2019 February she hasn’t done anything yet so i have rent a new house and i have paid a half of it now i am in need of that first apartment money,when ever i call her,she decide to pick my calls and even when she picks the call too she talks to me any how she want please what should i do….

  3. A contribution, Let’s see the replies right under every question asked because that’s how we will know this forum is active and engaging. Most times people have similar issues that some other people already have addressed here so simply following whatever answer given under that question, we are also answered and give a thumbs up for satisfaction. But since it’s not there obviously I’ll simply jump unto the next website for solutions. Hope you get what I mean?.

  4. Please I have an issue here.
    I rented a chamber and hall self contained from aguy .
    The place when I saw it wasn’t in a good shape so he promised to fix it 4 me as soon as I pay so I decided to give him 1yr rent and he asked me to move into the apartment in a week time but I decided to give him 2weeks so he can finish everything well.
    I packed my things to the place after 2weeks just to see the apartment thesame.
    I was upset so I decided to borrow money, rent another place as I needed it urgently.
    I later ask him to give the place out and refund my money.
    He increased the rent and he doesmt want to accept anyrhing less than 2yrs advance which makes it difficult for people to rent the place.
    Since October till now, my money is still hanging and the people are on my neck.

    Pls what should I do?

  5. Please help me out. what should be the condition of a newly built apartment before being rented out to a tenant? Should the painting be partially done(first coat) for the tenant to do second coat or landlord does full painted (first and second coat done) before renting it out to a tenant.

  6. I rented a two bedroom since feb 2013, and kept renewing it. My current agreement would have expired in june 2019. But on 8th December 2018, the landlady called to inform me that she had told the caretaker to inform me since august that she wont renew my tenancy after feb 2019(which was my first time hearing that). I pleaded to let June elapse so i move out but she said no and refunded my rent from march-June 2019, and gave me a grace period of march to vacate.
    I haven’t yet gotten a new place yet. I have told her to give me 2 more months but she’s adamant. What do I do? What redress avenues can I take?

  7. Hi goodday , please if you sign an agreement to continue your tancy 6 months ago and you are left with 5 days to pay and decided to quit what are the possibility to move out and what can happen to the Tanent ???
    Also can there be a possibility to pay any percentage?? Thx

      • What I mean is I signed to go on 6months ago, and now am left with 5days to pay and I want to move out can I move without any legal action against me?? Cos I did not give them the 3months notice to quit , am I breaching the contract? If yes what can I do please??

  8. Am left with 5days to pay and continue and already signed to continue 6months ago but now I want to leave can I just move out like that with out any legal action against me?? Cos I was supposed to give 3months notices which I did not do, Is it breach of contract which can give me problems?? Please. Kwame

  9. What I mean is I signed to go on 6months ago, and now am left with 5days to pay and I want to move out can I move without any legal action against me?? Cos I did not give them the 3months notice to quit , am I breaching the contract? If yes what can I do please??

  10. i rented house for a year, there was no washroom and the landlord told me he will complete the washroom so i paid the money thinking he will complete it as he said that was last year 2018 and up till now march 2019, he has not done it. please advice me since my tenancy will expire this august 2019 so please advice me.

  11. Will appreciate if knowledgeable folks can help with this…. I ‘ve developed couple of properties … 2 and 3bed houses and looking to rent them all out in May 2019. Obviously charging rent in US dollars is what I want to do. Any law in Ghana that prohibits rent in US $$$$. If there are, would any knowledgeable folks out there lighting me on the law and consequences for non compliance.

    Thanks in anticipating.

  12. I am facing a problem, I spend 5 years in a rented apartment which I never defaulted in paying my rent yearly, but this year since March I have not pay my rent due to some financial difficulties which I have been trying to sort out and I pleaded my landlord that he should give me time to pay her instead he took me to court because of two months that has incurred, I thought it was rent control that handle such case, Why court? Is it legal? Should I go to the rent control to report or I should go to the court as I was due? Want to know if it is the court that handle such cases of two months rent overdue or the Ghana court.

  13. Pls I rented a room from and the land lord gave my co tenants Letter of increment after my 2nd year renewal of advance and with my co tenants was thier third year, So I asked him verbally and he told me that we those in the hse newly we r not part of it so upon my next renewal I gave him the old amount I was paying of 1year advance and he rejected the money saying my money is not upto and hence he has increased the rent angrily, So I told him to give me some time to pack out cos I can’t afford the amount he said I should pay,I used a month to looked 4 an apartment and he is demanding that month money from me, Kindly advice Thank u

  14. I have an issue. i want to know if you can take your landlord to rent control when hes taking money for utilities without you not seeing the bills and and you decide to ask he cut you off from the line, and he has also done an illegal connection.

  15. Am i right to demand for my balance and additional time to pack my things since my time is not due and the landlord is evicting because she is asking me to pay additional amount to the one i’ve already paid which i said i cnt , meanwhile i repaired the sockets in the room because they were not working when i rented the place and did the painting without asking her for a dime before moving in .

  16. Am i right to demand for my balance and additional time to pack my things since my time is not due (4months after paying one year advance) and the landlord is evicting because she is asking me to pay additional amount to the one i’ve already paid which i said i cnt , meanwhile i repaired the sockets in the room because they were not working when i rented the place and did the painting without asking her for a dime before moving in .

  17. i rented a two bed room at kasoa ofaakor for a year, the landlady told me she will increase cos she did some work which i agreed but later she decided to increase more than she has earlier told me. I then asked her to then give me time to pay since she in increasing that much. She then said i should vacate cos i cannot pay which i did.She is asking me to pay for the two month i occupied .Meanwhile i pay for security deposit for two month which she did not want to give it back to me. what do i do please.?

  18. Good day please i have an issue at hand i would like you to advice me on what to do.
    i rented an apartment for two years and through out the period i never enjoyed my stay there cos it had been one hell of problem after the other by the landlord. Within my stay for 6 months, i was fed up and asked him to give me my balance to pack out of which he refused until i leave for him to rent the place out before giving me my money so i decided to let go. later part of last year he asked me to park out through his lawyer but due to some circumstances i did not get what i wanted. Now my rent will expire in mid of September 2019 and i have still not gotten a place yet his lawyer sent me a letter threatening if i do not vacate on that same day, they will throw me out without any grace period given to me. What is the ideal thing for me to do? Please note: he took my money to fix the place for me before i moved in. Waiting for your candid response. Thank you

  19. Please my landlord gave me a three months notice to quit the premise but my rent is due so do will still pay rent for the rest of three months notice given

  20. Please when you give a tenant notice of one year before his/her time due, because you want to continue renting again should you also have to give him or her that 3 months GRACE period and if the tenant demand for it does he/she have to pay?
    Thank y

  21. I tookover a room from my elder sister and the caretaker became mad at it and resolve it with an advise not to repeat that… afterwards the renewal delayed due to some issues. afterwards, i asked to landlord to maintain a leakage which not only destroyed and discomfort me, but also is destroying the ceilling for a year and half now the landlord had issues with me upon telling him to maintain the leaking part of the room and only contacted me when I am not arround. my rent expired and he gave me a notice and i told him I had issues with my salary with those two months to be patient about it… He sent me a message via whatsapp to vacate the room because he has other plans for the room and lately his brother is coming to take over the room so, i should be quick enough to relocate.

  22. You are with a tenant that has decided not to sweep or pay utility bills and you want to the person to move out and pay you your bills so you him/her their balance it is lawful. What should I do?

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  24. Hello…i rented an apartment for 2 years and will be due in the coming Dec.31.2019. The landlord gave me a letter to move out after the said date above which i went back to him….to explain some few issues to him to give me some time due to the fact that i have lost my job but working around the clock to move out …He later called me to tell me it’s not possible..which i told him per tge rent control act ..He(the landlord) needs to give me three months to look for a place and move which He said it not possible…kindly advice. Tanx

  25. Hi, I took over a room from a friend ( he rented it to me bcuz he was moving out of the place and he was left with 1 and a half yr for his rent to expire) I dnt know if it’s legal tho… But now I’m having a little problem wid the landlady and now the landlady wants me to vacate the room by end of month… Is it advisable to take her to rent control or I shld rather let my friend do that… Pls advise me

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  27. Hi news Ghana, my name is Harrison Amber. I rented a stor for two years and also a room for one year from same landlord but business wasn’t going well and my room rent got expired so I told the landlady to use the one year balance of my storeto replace the room and she agreed and gave me a receipt but few days later she calls me and said she has thought about it and can no longer replace my one year store rent balance to my room rent. Please what should I do it’s urgent please.

  28. someone please help me here, I moved out of a rented room before my time, with a 1 month notice to my landlady. When moving out she said she would have to give the room out before I can get my balance. I later went there upon hearing the room have been occupied and she refused to pay me. I returned a month later, only for her to tell me the tenant have taken his money and moved out, and it’s 4 months now but have still not been paid. What do I do? And how long should it take for such a balance to be paid?

  29. Please i have rented an apartment for 3 years and my due date was last month January 20, 2020, and as soon as the date was due she told me to vacate the place because she prompted me a notice six month before time, and now i have told her that i therefore seek for a grace period of 3 month of which she is still insisting, i therefor ask a question… What is the next step in here please


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