Following the recent recording that has led the to dismissal of Hon. Victoria Lakshmi Hammah, Dpt minister of communication, OMG!Ghana has dived ino the matter and binging to you unconfirmed facts about the woman in question.

Her appointment came with a great deal of displeasure from the populace,who believed she was handed the job because of her goodies -probably on suspicion that Mahama had his share.For her hips and beauty, even a saint would have given her a VP position.

wpid-Victoria-Hamma-and-Rachel-Appor.jpgThe lady she dissed, called Racheal Appoh, is the dpt minister of Gender.She is pictued here with her. Isn?t it lovely how she has mentored her to be successful than her?

She was in a 4?4, presumably with rolled windows when the tape was recorded.Her cousin is rumoured to have taped the conversation.Dude was probably not comfortable with his place a driver of his cousin.Come to think of it, how would you feel if your cousin hires you as a her driver?? Probably tossing you around like a rag?

The highly endowed chick is a Hari krishna. Part of the reason why Anita Owusu has been defending her since day one. Birds of a feather ??.

vicky-dollar-caseMany have lost respect for her, not for?the tape, but for the fact that all she wants in politics is $1m. C?mon!!! What can 1mil do to a fine ass like you??? A lot of women with your goodies are making that amount although they are?jobless.Come to think of it, can 1mil even buy a real mansion like the purported Betty mansion in UK??

Do you know that rapper A.S.E.M of WDNB records expressed interest in her publicly ??Dude, what were you thinking?? To bang that?? You have $1m?? YOUR GLO money saf, how much is it??

She actually said Oye was almost always with the Supreme Court judges?? ?Do you know the role She(Oye) played in the victory of the NDC at the Supreme Court? Lmao, where is the NPP??? And why wasn?t she interrogated after making such claims?? Regardless, she was a minister of state when she said these things, such a damaging effect in the judiciary.


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