As today is the last Saturday of the year, OMG!Ghana would like to present  to you Ghana?s one and only fastest rapper Sarkodie. The ?rapperholic? man has been in the news throughout the whole year. There was no each month which will pass by without hearing of the two times artiste of the year. He became the first Ghanaian artiste to win the prestigious Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T) award which made the running mate of Nana Akuffo Addo, Dr. Bawumia to congratulate him on it for making Ghana proud. He also won  ?African Artist Of The Year? Award At Nigerian Music Industry Awards, won an award at the National Youth Achievers award (music category with Becca), Non Nigerian Artiste Of 2012- Sarkodie and the list goes on and on.

Sarkodie for the first time also appeared in the B.E.T Hip Hope cypher which Ghanaians criticized his ?Irish Cream? lines in his rap. His achievements can never be mentioned without he being the first Ghanaian musician to have a verified twitter account and also with the highest followers on twitter. The list of his performances within the year cannot be recorded since he has been on uncountable number of stages within the year. He made Ghana proud at Big Brother Africa finals, battled with P-Square at the ?top Of The World Concert? at the Independence Square where Malta Guinness was launching their newly branded Malta Guinness. Michael Kwesi Owusu Addo also became the brand ambassador for Samsung which saw him thrilling the students of University of Ghana. A lot can be said about Ghana?s own Sarkodie.

There were uncountable number of songs he released this year which he made it worst at the later part of the year. It came to a time he had to release three songs within a month. Among his hit songs released this year are, ?Gun Shot? which features Davido, ?Pizza and burger? on his TMG album with Jay So, ?Am In Love with Your Girl Friend? which also features Efya and Jay So also from his TMG album, ?Illuminati? ?Azonto fiesta? ?The truth? and many more.he has about 303,324 likes on facebook and about 111,927 followers on twitter following 180 people. Ghana, this is your man Obidibiponbidi.

Real name Michael Kwesi Owusu Addo was born on July 10 1984. Born and raised in Tema, Michael Owusu , a.k.a ?Sarkodie?, was his mother?s fourth child, out of five children. Sarkodie attended Achimota Prepatory and Tema Methodist Day Secondary. During his early days of rapping, Sarkodie looked up to Obrafour, another Ghanaian rapper. ?Obrafour was someone I followed when he came out. He?s a good rapper,? said Sarkodie. Sarkodie began writing his own songs by the time he reached Class 4 and found himself inundated in the world of rapping and rhyming. After receiving a certificate in Graphic Designing from IPMC (Tema Branch), Sarkodie delivered shocking news to his whole family. ?After IPMC, I got a job working for a billboard company but I did not take it. Instead I was thinking about the studio. The moment I see computers and a studio, I get inspired,? Sarkodie stated. Inspired by the studio, Sarkodie broke the news to his family that he wanted to concentrate on making music instead of working a ?normal? job. However, Sarkodie assured them that he?d pay the bills with his music, he just needed time. According to Sarkodie, ?wherever your heart is, is where your treasure is? and he knew his heart was in music. Free from employment responsibilities, Sarkodie was free to make music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sarkodie?s family has always been a musical family- his mother is a singer, along with his little brother. ?My family is fun,? Sarkodie states matter-of?factly. Not only is his family fun but they love music, and according to Sarkodie, ?my dad LOVED Michael Jackson.? In fact, Sarkodie received the birth name of ?Michael? due to his father?s adoration of Michael Jackson. There is only one Michael Jackson. And there is only one Sarkodie. Learning that Sarkodie was named after Michael Jackson led to the discussion of names, and the importance of names in regards to success. How important are names? Very important, according to Sarkodie. In fact, the name ?Sarkodie? was an intentional name Sarkodie picked out for himself. The name ?Sarkodie? is not part of Sarkodie?s birth name at all. While growing up, Sarkodie?s father had at least two friends who went by the name ?Sarkodie?. Sarkodie realized that both men had the same name and were also very wealthy, so at a very early age, Sarkodie equated the name ?Sarkodie? with wealth. Sarkodie revealed that he ?loved the names Antwi-Buasisako and Sarkodie. There?s something about that name.?

He has worked with artistes like Castro,Reggie Zippy,Kwaw Kese,Quarta and the list goes on and on,  his second album ?Sarkology? coming soon like the hottest movie he is working with some of the great beat producers, who have produce great beat for some hot artiste on the block now.
He has worked with Hammer,Quick Action,Kewah,Nana Fynn,2Tuff ,Jayso.He quotes, ?I like to work with beat makers who don?t just play the beats but create them.?
Some of his songs are Politics, Baby, Altar, My wife, Yahu mo, Style no, I?m so hood, etc

Fun Facts about Sarkodie:

Favorite T.V Show:Keeping up with the Kardashians

Favorite Food: Rice and Egg Stew
Fill in the blank: I can not do without: Music
Favorite Sarkodie Song: Life
Song that shocked him when it became a hit:Borga
Performers he would like to collaborate with: Jay Z and Busta Rhymes

You can follow him @sarkodie or like his facebook fan page

Check out his photos below:

Check out his videos below:

Sarkodie on Tim Westwood:


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