Four gurus of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) have condemned what they call attempts by some faceless persons to smear them.
The Board Chairman of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, Ato Ahwoi; a former Minister for Local Government, Kwamena Ahwoi; the chairman of the National Development Planning Commission, P. V Obeng and the chairman of the National Communications Authority, Kofi Totobi-Quakyi, say they find the situation rather disturbing.
They described a publication being circulated about them as a “scurrilous anonymous tract” and that it fails to appreciate the fundamental truth of actual happenings in the NDC.
In a joint statement released on Tuesday, they stated that the campaign of vilification against them in the NDC had assumed an appalling dimension in the wake of the Alfred Woyome saga even though they had no role to play either individually or collectively in the matter.
The four, stated that even though they know those behind the unwarranted attacks on their personality, they will hid to their sense of maturity and better judgement to exercise restraint, so not to risk further compounding an already sensitive situation.
The statement mentioned that they have always had faith in the leadership of the President and will not be dampened in spirit even as some persons intend to perpetuate mischief against them.
“Our commitment to the future of our party remains as strong as ever and we remain undaunted by baseless rumours and infantile conspiracy theories,” the statement read.
Nothing will make us shy away from our responsibilities as elder cadres of the party who have as much interest as every genuine NDC member in ensuring victory in December 2012.”


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