A cultural extravaganza is one of the best ways of describing the capital city of Argentina. Buenos Aires is a destination full of surprises for all kinds of travellers from all over the world. The best of nightlife to gourmet cuisine, fashion, museums full of history, parks and one of kind events. Being one of the most populous cities in the world, Buenos Aires has much to offer than you imagine. Catch a plane with your friends and families for an amazing holiday filled with fun and excitement.
Places of interest are of abundance and attractions are breathtaking while the experiences are never to miss. Take a sweeping stroll through the Florida Street for a fabulous window shopping spree; if affordable fill in with colourful selections. Popular just for tourists, the street is poured with shopping malls and retail outlets and boutique stores.

Step in and you will never look back for what it has to offer.
Excited for a tour of sightseeing with a touch of history and remarkable architecture, pay a visit to the colonial housing styles preserved at the San Telmo district in Buenos Aires. The cobblestone streets, iron lanterns reminds you of the old movies while city goes live and kicking past twilight for party lovers, drinkers and dancers.
La Boca is another colourful district highlighting the city’s historic preserves and buildings. Dont forget to fill your baskets with street sellers of arts and crafts. Visit La Boca, Buenos Aires for a colourful sightseeing tour this holiday with our families.
Pay a visit to Recoleta for a taste of the finest cuisines at great restaurants to an amazing collection of French architecture. Dont forget to drop in by the Recoleta Cemetery and make it a visit worthwhile.
Puerto Madero showcases the port side of Buenos Aires like the London docklands. The cluster of restaurant mix is a great place for those who crave for a variety of foods or simply food enthusiasts and the Reserva Ecologica Constnera Sur for nature lovers.
Argentineans love football. Simple as that, there are many stadiums to catch a great game of football. Diehard fans around the city, so join with them and cheer for the best team or favourite team player while in Buenos Aires.
The trip to Buenos Aires is incomplete if you miss an experience of tango. It’s lifeblood for many and the national dance of Argentina. Plenty of tango classes all around the city, ample places to see a great act of tango dancers and performances – so what are you waiting for, make it to Buenos Aires to see the breathtaking, mind blowing tango.
Gaucho is another must have experience while in Buenos Aires. Argentine cowboy life is a world of its own. This is an awesome experience for cultural lovers to blend in with horse riders, drink traditional gaucho wines and eat traditional meals.
Adventure travellers are plenty in the city to experience sky diving in its clear blue skies. Wineries, events and tasting sessions are plenty for wine lovers. cheap flights

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