President by hook or CROOK!- President John (Rigger) Dramani Mahama


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?The Story Of Aliens Voting, A Million ?Illegal Names? In The Voters? Register, & The Recounting Fraud!

It beats the imagination, but John Dramani Mahama, current president of Ghana, is writing himself into the history books of Ghana as arguably the biggest electoral fraudster in the history of Ghana!

The Daily Searchlight can reveal with authority, backed by video evidence that John Mahama and his NDC deliberately imported and sponsored foreigners to vote in our election! This is something we can prove with evidence, video evidence!

The second aspect that casts a worrying pall over the just ended elections, apart from the many reports of irregularities, is the importation of over a million names into the biometric voters register by Dr. Afari Gyan and the Electoral Commission!

On July 18th 2012, Mr. Anthony Amedzakey, the Commission?s the Acting Director of Information Technology told representatives of political parties that the new biometric register contained approximately 13 million names. He was subsequently captured in the Daily Guide of July 19th, a publication that was subsequently published on

Strangely, by the time Ghanaians went to the polls on Friday December 7th, the biometric voters register had bloated to 14.07 million votes!

Speaking to a group of editors at the Editors Forum on 15th November 2012, the Electoral Commissioner Dr. Afari Gyan himself told the gathering that the register had 14.07 million votes on it! Where the million plus votes came from to be legitimized in the register is a matter that Dr. Afari Gyan would go to find hard to justify to the end of his days. Analysts have consistently noted that a register with 14 million voters is incompatible with a population of 25 million people!

Then there is the issue of the infamous entries of zero records entered against the name of the NPP in various polling stations across the nation and the recounting ?wahala? that plagued the vote during counting at polling stations and collation centres across the nation.

The Daily Searchlight can state that it was during this recounting that the famously ?pre-thumb printed? ballot papers were introduced into the popular vote, accounting for the huge anomaly between the presidential vote and the parliamentary vote in cumulative terms!

The beneficiary of all these exercises, of course, is John Dramani Mahama, who, in the last months of the election, looted the treasury of trillions of cedis to fund the rigging scheme.


-Daily Searchlight Newspaper


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