Mapping Africa
Mapping Africa Image source: Al Jazeera

An economic development expert from Zambia has urged African countries to begin to transform challenges into economic opportunities for employment and wealth creation.

Misheck Mwanza told Xinhua in an interview today that Africa is awash with great opportunities that exist within the many economic and social challenges the continent faces.


Mwanza who is an economist also explained that economic and social challenges help to boost diversification across economic sectors as well as bring about improvements in the technology spheres.

“All that is needed is to re-engineer thinking patterns of people, so they can begin to see opportunities within the many challenges that exist,” Mwanza asserted.

He cited climate change as one global challenge that has provided opportunities to innovate and provide solutions to counter the phenomenon while at the same time enhancing livelihoods of communities and enterprising minds.

“It is good to note that in Zambia we now have in place eco-friendly cooking stokes that use little or no charcoal. Such initiatives are not only good in countering attacks on the forest but also providing incomes for everyone involved in the production of the stoves,” Mwanza said.

He further appealed to African governments to invest in climate action by creating an environment in which enterprises can thrive through providing solutions to economic and social needs.

Mwanza also implored the Zambian government to consider encouraging investors in solar farms that can feed into the national electricity grid and supplement energy production.

“We could engage investors to set up solar farms and connect the energy generated from the farms to the national grid. That would be a great opportunity for us to produce clean energy and enable technology transfer,” he said. Enditem


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