South Africa
South Africa

Race relations in South Africa have not dramatically improved since 1994, because racism continues raising its ugly head now and again, said constitutional law expert and political analyst Shadrack Gutto at University of South Africa.

Gutto made the remarks as South Africa marks the anti-racism week, which runs from March 14 to March 21, the Human Rights Day and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

“While the constitution and the laws have changed, not much has changed regarding race relations,” he told Xinhua on Friday. “We can say that racism is endemic.”

The South African Human Rights Commission, in collaboration with other organizations, will launch the Zimele Racism Reporting App next Monday through which citizens could report racism-related issues.

Gutto said better measures are required to tackle racism.

“There are moments where racism is heightened,” he said. “It needs a series of robust intervention from various institutions, including law enforcement institutions.”

A report released by the Human Rights Commission showed an increase in the number of race-related complaints lodged with the watchdog.

Over 459 race-related complaints were lodged last year.

“With increasing reports of racism and hate speech on the basis of race via social media and in public spaces, the commission is concerned at the lack of regard for the protection of the basic human right we are all guaranteed,” the Commission’s Gail Smith said. Enditem



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