Joseph Senyo Kwashie
Joseph Senyo Kwashie

Mr. Joseph Senyo Kwashie, the Executive Director of Community and Family Aid Foundation, has made a passionate appeal to all Ghanaians to ponder a thought over the sensitive global burning issue christened ‘climate change’ as the issue has impact on every individual in the world.

Joseph Senyo Kwashie
Joseph Senyo Kwashie

According to him, ‘’climate change has impact on almost all people around the world. We are already experiencing climate change in all continents and changes in weather that could be as a result of climate change. Our children and grand children may live to experience more dramatic consequences.  Politicians may determine the future of the planet but, you as the citizen and your children will have to live with the consequences. Therefore, your opinion is important.‘’

The Executive Director of Community and Family Aid Foundation told a consultative forum in Accra attended by chiefs, civil society organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, climate change experts, faith groups and Journalists that  citizens consultation in Ghana was very timely and important as the views of  Ghanaians would indicate to politicians, climate change and energy negotiators how the public is prepared to deal with climate and energy ahead of ongoing climate COP21 conference in Paris, France.

COP21 conference is the largest gathering of stakeholders in climate and will end on 11 December, 2015.

Mr. Senyo Kwashie disclosed that journalists were critical when it comes to awareness creation on the science of climate change as they are the ones who would relay information gathered from citizens to political leaders, decision makers and the general public.

Ghana, he said is currently experiencing the effect of climate change and its devastating effect on the economy adding that in Africa there is less volume of water in West Africa rivers, decline in coral reefs in tropical waters including decline in fruit production in the Sahel, spread of malaria in Kenya and lower  fish production in the Great Lakes.

Climate change according to the Executive Director of Community and Family Aid Foundation would wreak havoc in this century as there would be failed crops as a result of heat and drought stress. He also noted that there would be flood in Ghana stressing that there would also be drought in the Northern part of the country whilst the Volta Lake, one of Ghana’s major sources  of energy would generate less electric power owing to low volume of water in the Lake.

The emergence of climate change refuges, he said is expected to quadruple in the next decade involving millions of population across the globe.

Each country, Mr. Senyo Kwashie stated is bedeviled with different forms of climate change problem saying “one size fits all solutions will not work in all countries. Every country knows what is best and the sort of action that should go with it in dealing with climate change in both short and long term.’’

Adequate funding for research, policy reforms, advocacy, communication, human resource development, reduction in carbon emission , support to sensitive sectors, professional diplomacy to climate change, climate change activities according to him have been hailed as the best antidote.

Mr. Senyo Kwashie said “climate change and its rippling effects stares the country in the face and this is the time we must rise to the challenges knowing well that a healthy people make a healthy planet’’.

Source: Adovor Nutifafa

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