Never in my dream had I imagined I would make friendship with a younger guy that to on a journey to Kerala. I was on my way to Alleppey for a get together at the panoramic sea resort, Alleppey. Since I was in Delhi, I had to board Mangala Lakshadweep Express and decided to get a cab from Eranakulum to Alleppey.

Though it was a three day journey for me, it was the only economical source of transport for me. I couldn’t have afforded an air flight from Delhi to Alleppey, as it would have cost me more than twice the rail journey. I reserved a second tier ticket for the journey as I didn’t want to invite trouble by travelling alone in a sleeper class. The train journey was of three days, as I will reach my destination on the third day, it meant that I had to spend two nights in the train itself.

I was sure that I will get bored to death but fortunately the other passengers in the next seats were college students.

All of them were two to three years younger than me. They were not best of friends but being in the same college and sharing the same train meant they had some good company. In all we were three girls including me and one boy who found the company quite embarrassing as he wasn’t sure how the trip would be for him with three girls for company. We all boarded from Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station and after exchanging pleasantries with them I resorted to reading a book. They were constantly chatting about their college stuffs and other such things. It was fun hearing their conversations as I thought my college days and even we used to do the same things when we were there age.

Slowly and gradually even I got involved in their conversation and they were more interested in hearing my college stories than sharing theirs.

It was noon when we decided to have our lunch and we all had bought our lunch. It was a good lunch as they had pooled money and bought some good dishes. They were willing to share their lunch though I didn’t show much interest in it. By evening we became good friends and we were even sharing some of our unknown secrets with each other. It was then somebody mentioned about having some alcohol. This topic was uncomfortable for us as we were girls and for the boy, Shahid, it was not a big thing. He said that he had a bottle of vodka with him and if we girls are interested he would share it with us. His college friends agreed as they knew him and they even asked me to at least take a peg.

I suppose I would continue my experience in my next article. It shouldn’t be long enough at one go that you should lose interest in my travelling experience. This trip to Paboramic Sea Resort Alleppey had many such experience which you would surely love reading.

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