The University of Ghana Parliament House (UGPH) has called on the National Youth Authority to expedite action on the establishment of the National Youth Parliament.

According to the student body, the idea of a National Youth Parliament is in keeping with the Article 11 of the African Youth Charter and its professed intents of providing a platform for young people to participate in the governance of the nation as well as build and sustain a democratic culture in the youth whilst preparing them for future leadership are noble indeed.

Their call was contained in a press release issued and signed by its Speaker, Hardi Mohammed Yakubu. According to him,?the house holds that although several meetings, discussions and workshops have been held in pursuance of this, not much concrete action can be seen towards the materialization of this initiative.

“There is a tremendous bulge in the population of young people in Africa. Ultimately, the contribution and potential contribution of this segment of the population in governance cannot be overemphasized. But this potential must be harnessed through building the capacity of these young people. Some countries such as Kenya and Nigeria have thus taken the lead in providing platforms for capacity building through the establishment of National Youth Parliaments. Ghana cannot continue to lag behind.”

He also averred that the establishment of the Ghana National Youth Parliament is too critical a matter to be treated with the usual lip service and efforts must be hastened to bring this dream to light. they said, they are always ready to participate in any debate or discussion in furtherance of this project and any others of its like.

“In conclusion, the house wishes to express its unreserved solidarity with all young people across the world. We shall remain committed to supporting any efforts governmental or non-governmental, individual or collective aimed at promoting the interest and welfare of young people. Happy International Youth Day!”


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