He said this is to aid maternal and new-born outcomes in the Greater Accra Region,

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He said the school is to help reduce the anxieties many women experience during the period the baby develops in their wombs till delivery.

The school, held once every two weeks at the Adabraka Polyclinic and other clinics in the region, is used to discuss issues concerning pregnancy the changes associated to the first, second and third trimesters and how to handle yourself and your baby during and after delivery.

Madam Esther Jucanida Benefo, Staff Midwife at the Adabraka Polyclinic, in a discussion with some expectant mothers, advised them to desist from visiting pastors and using unapproved herbal concoctions when they feel any pain during pregnancy.

She said any unapproved action could lead to infections or complications to the pregnancy.

She said many expectant women often experience many signs or body changes including headaches, stomach-aches, missing the menstrual cycle etc, adding that some others do not experience any symptoms at all.

Madam Benefo said the reason why you begin to experience such changes is because the body begins adjust to the new introduction in your system.

Esther Benfo urged the pregnant women to do mild exercises to keep themselves active.

Aunty Jennifer, a mother, said the education she received during her pregnancy helped her deliver successfully.

She urged the expectant mothers to make it a point to go for antenatal regularly and attend the school to stay informed.



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