Ghana’s Minister of Defense, Dr Benjamin Kunbour who addressed the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament today, Thursday 14th April, 2016, said, several efforts since 2008 to locate the relatives of Claudio Alvarez Zapata has not yielded any positive results leaving them with no option than to begin processes to discard it.

wpid-morguecorpse909135768.jpgAccording to him, Claudio Alvarez Zapata is a Costa Rican who was a captain of a Nigeria vessel, who got injured and was sent to the hospital and died three days later in 2008.

The corpse was then deposited at the hospital’s morgue and has been kept till today.

Dr Benjamin Kunbour also noted that because of some diplomatic implications “we had to keep the corpse for this length of time but we have now satisfied the statutory publication in the Graphic. Any moment from normal environmental protection agency laws of the disposal of the remains of unidentified and unclaimed bodies will be put in place”.

Members of the Committee were very surprised to hear the news from the Minister.



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