Soma Sen, an Indian artist whose works, which comprise elements of Ghanaian and Indian culture, was on display at the Accra City Hotel on Thursday.

The artist was trained at the School of Fine Arts in Jamshedpur and at the Ranchi University, both in India. She also attended the Ghanatta College of Art & Design in Ghana.

Paintings by Soma, show her as an artist, who makes a successful foray into sea or landscapes, open flora, abstracts, animal or human figures, still lifes and terra cotta works.

She creates interesting allusions to culture through a dramatic incorporation of Ghanaian and Indian symbols, while touching on a wide variety of moods with a delicate use of colour, while attempting to bring nature down to earth, thus, within our own level of comprehension.

Soma’s general body of work possess a quality of childlike wonder, nevertheless, rigorous social, cultural, environmental and historical underpinnings characterise her paintings.

Broad brush strokes that end up as stylised human figures inundate her backgrounds and cloud formations.

She wittingly allows a pronounced amount of light in some works, thereby allowing them to sparkle.

There were many of her great art works exhibited at the Accra City Hotel. The exhibition was dabbed ‘Deep presence in human kind’. Present was the wife of the Indian high commissioner, who represented her husband to grace the occasion.

By:Sammy Adjei/


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