Ghanaian actress and movie producer Naana Brown finds no reason to keep mute about her colleague marriage the controversial actress and movie producer Gladys Mensah Boaku known popularly as Nayas.

Naana Brown is boldly out with allegations claiming some bad friends who attended Nayas Marriage are polluting Nayas husband and saying evil things about nayas to the husband with aim of collapsing the marriage.

According to naana Brown, Almost all the friends Nayas invited to her wedding including afia Schwarzenegger was a total mistake. She claims same friends who attended Nayas wedding are secretly polluting Nayas husband and wishing for the collapse of her marriage.

In the video ,she condemns Nayas for inviting afia Schwarzenegger to her marriage ceremony , She explains afia Schwarzenegger presents at Nayas wedding was shameful, She alleged Afia Schwarzenegger finds interest in Nayas husband and she won’t be surprised to call out afia Schwarzenegger name for being among the people betraying nayas marriage and throwing dust into Nayas husband eyes.

Source: Fame House


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