Exchange Server is a widespread platform which has provisioned a large number of users with communication services via a great emailing platform. Multiple numbers of users can share a platform at a time to communicate with each other on the same area. An EDB file is created which consists of the mailboxes that have been connected with the Server i.e. each user?s separate mailbox consisting of their respective mails, contacts, calendars, etc. This EDB file is absolutely prone to corruption of any type or level from any source. This corruption issue may lead to a situation where you are unable to access your database. The latter part of the segment discusses about the same; the reasons that may corrupt EDB, issues which make Exchange to Outlook conversion necessary, and the type of solution suitable for the same.

What Gives Rise To Exchange Database Corruption?

The EDB data is probably of getting corrupted via causes like;

1> Malware elements get entrance into the Server leading to corruption of the database. This situation may take place due to any external application available on the same system as that of the Server; which had been downloaded from an unreliable source, or due to antivirus program settings.

2> Exchange Server suddenly experiences a shut down or closure while it was in a running mode and EDB was being accessed by some of the others. There is a probable chance of your database getting severely corrupted in such a case.

3> Some other causes that lead to Exchange database corruption may include; a crash of the server, hard drive corruption, faulty sector, etc. These may grow into a larger problem which later makes it necessary for users to restore their database.

Meanwhile, restoring is not the only option Exchange users go for, in fact, there are many such users who demand for restoration of database from Exchange to Outlook  PST mailbox.

This also has a reason behind it which is discussed as follows:

The necessity behind availing the service to execute Exchange to Outlook conversion takes place whenever the corruption issue takes place on the whole Server. In this situation, not only the database gets damaged but; even the Exchange Server functions and other data may get affected. This leads to the requirement to add Exchange to Outlook and to that, there is no manual procedure available and even if there is one; it is reliable to avail.

When the Exchange Server is also affected by the damage; it may go for maintenance service for a specific duration which may lead to loss at work. This unavoidable loss is what makes users transport their repaired database from Exchange to Outlook so that they can work without depending upon the Server till the time it is back in live mode.

Exchange Recovery is one such program which can be relied upon for such recovery and restoration needs of Exchange EDB database. This application also successfully offers Exchange to Outlook conversion as well as lets users transfer repaired EDB to another Server.

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