Former President of Botswana, Festus G. Mogae has formally assumed the Chair of the Prize Committe for African of the Year award.

He succeeds the pioneer Chair of the committee and former Prime Minister of Tanzania, Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim who recently completed his two terms tenure.


In handing-over to the new Chair, Dr. Salim said former President Mogae is one of the most outstanding African leaders who never tried to tinker with the constitutions of their countries to remain in office.

In his remarks after taking-over, President Mogae said he considers it a great honour to be invited to Chair the Prize committee and to succeed Dr. Salim whom he described as a quintessential African statesman.

He reaffirmed his commitment to the primary motive of the award which is to recognize and reward ordinary Africans who are doing extra-ordinary good works in any part of the continent.

He said such awardees, who are selected from all fields of human endeavour, would inspire other Africans to undertake selfless humanitarian works for humanity.

President Mogae said there was nothing wrong in equally recognising extra-ordinary Africans who are doing exemplary works to motivate other people.

The Prize Committee, whose seven-members are drawn from Africa’s sub-regional blocs, selects the winner of the prestigious African of the Year award.

The award covers humanitarian works undertaken by a nominee between October 1 of a preceding year and September 30 of the award Year.

Issued by:

Aliu Akoshile, Associate Director, Business, DAILY TRUST.


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