Reliable information reaching The Moment has it that the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Korle-Bu teaching Hospital, Professor Otu Nartey, when leaving office to serve his compulsary retirement, bolted away with his duty post car.

imagesProf. Otu Nartey is however refusing to return the car to the hospital car pool to be used by the Acting CEO.

The Brownish-Ash New Passat with Registration Number GN 4112-11 bought in 2011 has been in the possession of Prof Otu Nartey from that time till he went on retirement late 2012.

However, his decision to keep the said car to himself by taking it to his MacCarthy Hill residence is against the Ministry of Health Transport Policy.

Investigations conducted by this paper has proven that, per public service regulation, a serving officer have to use a duty post car for four (4) years after which he may apply for a discount on the car to buy. However, in the case of Prof. Otu Nartey, our investigations have proven that he has used the car for one month and hasn?t been able to pay for the car to become his personal property.

Interestingly, his inordinate quest to run the hospital down at all cost seems to be buring even at retirement.

Situation at the hospital has generated heated controversy as to why Prof. Otu Nartey must not be held responsible for all the mess at the hospital.

Meanwhile, the Acting CEO Prof. Afua Hesse according to reliable source is also demanding for a new duty post car, even though she is already having a duty post car as the Director of Medical Affairs.

Although her demand for a new Duty post car as Acting CEO may be justified, The Moment has gathered that because Prof. Otu Nartey left office with the duty post car which is to be used by the Acting CEO, Prof. Hesse has to fall a 4-Wheel vehicle at the hospital used for Cross Country duty work.

This is also against the Ministry of Health?s Vehicle Policy that states that Cross Country vehicles must not be used for local runnings. But this is the case now at the hospital.

It has also emerged during the investigations that Prof. Afua Hesse who is serving as the Director of Medical Affairs, Acting CEO OF Korle-Bu and Associate Professor at the Medical School has abandoned her duty post vehicle granted her as Director of Medical Affairs and using the 4-Wheel Coss Country vehicle for all her activities.

Prof Hesse, according to information has refused to use her duty post car as Acting CEO with the excuse that she has paid for the car and hence, kept it at home and abusing the cross country vehicle.

Speaking to some officials and workers at the hospital, they express disgust at the whole incident calling on Prof. Otu Nartey to return the vehicle to enable the Acting CEO use it and reduce stress on the Cross Country vehicle.

They also made reference to a publication in The Mirror, quoting Prof. Otu Nartey saying government must support the restructuring of Korle-Bu and accordingly punish all who have grossly abuse their office and have cause disservice to the hospital.

According to them, Prof. Otu Nartey must be the first to avail himself to the authorities and answer questions on how he enthusiastically supervised a built ?cartel? at the hospital whose duty was to destroy the hospital, by flouting laid down rules and regulation with impunity.

It is also important for readers to know that, the Former Board Chairman of the Hospital Mr Eddie Annan, who had conived with the board to grant Prof. Otu Nartey a pro-rata leave during his retirement age has kept a close eye on all these illegalities engaged in by Prof. Nartey.

It is however interesting that, the Korle-Bu Board led by Mr. Eddie Annan could not call Prof. Otu Nartey to order and compel him not to take the duty post vehicle home.

When Prof. Otu Nartey was contacted on phone by some journalists, he admitted taking the car home but said, it was not within the powers of the journalists to ask him to return the car or question him on issues surrounding his decision to take the car home.


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