Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Hanna Tetteh says the two former inmates of the Guantanamo Bay cell who have been transferred into Ghana had no powers in their former group the Al-Qaeda.

Hannah Tetteh, Minister for Foreign Affairs
According to Madam Hannah Tetteh, the two were no more than mere “foot soldiers” of Al-Qaeda with no role in the operational functionality in the terrorist group.

Mahmoud Omar Mohammed Bin Atef,36, and Khalid Shayk Mohammed, 34 – are in Ghana upon a request from the US government. A statement announcing their transfer into the country indicates that they will be in Ghana for two years at the cost of the US authorities.

Their apparent arrival and stay in the country has generated a lot of controversy with most civil society groups including, the Catholic Bishops Conference and the Christian Council of Ghana all condemning the decision by the president to host the former terrorists in the country.

But amid all the controversy and public concerns, government, still insists that the two pose no threat to the country as the US Government has promised to help provide the necessary security support to monitor them.

Speaking on Accra-based Radio Gold Tuesday, Foreign Affairs minister Tetteh said inasmuch as Ghanaians have the right to raise concerns about the presence of the ex-Gitmo detainees in the country, they should remain calm as government has the “situation” under control.

“…They were low level fighters with no operational functionality in Al-Qaeda…to put it in simple terms, they were foot soldiers of AI Qaeda… captured in the early days and put behind bars for 14 years,” she explained.

Minority in parliament has also raised concerns that the house was not fully engaged in the transfer process hence a breech in the country’s laws, Madam Hannah Tetteh said,

“…There is no legal requirement to do so, we have an executive presidency…. Issues pertaining to national security are not discussed on the streets and on the floor of the House…it is in the interest of Ghanaians that such matters are not discussed in the open”.



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