By Ameenu Shardow

Former Ghana FA boss Ben Koufie will be launching a book on the ?Principles of Modern Soccer Coaching?.

The first of it?s kind coaching manual focuses on a wide range of coaching skills from the basics, through the intermediary level to advanced coaching.

The first edition according to the Caf instructor will however lay more emphasis on the basic rudiments of coaching with subsequent editions geared towards the advanced levels.

The 80-year-old says the absence of such a coaching guide was his inspiration for putting together such a piece.

?I have been in the game for years, that is where I belong and there is no existence of such a useful document in the system,? he told

?It has been my aim to come out with a book for a long time but time has not been very favourable to me.

?So after a long time writing in pieces here and there I finally  brought it together.?

Koufie who led Asante Kotoko to the African Club Championship in 1971 believes the book will be of enormous use for the current generation.

?It will be very useful because it cuts across the coaching streams,? he adds.

?It cuts across the basic rudiments of the game, the game itself and all what is about coaching.?

The book launch has been slated for 13th September.

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